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  1. PS if anyone wants an awesome 2014 C63 AMG 507 Edition let me know! I gotta sell it or find someone to take over the lease before I can get an SSS!
  2. Just bought a boat and need a tow vehicle, what better than another SS? Currently I am kinda leaning toward a TBSS since I've already had an SSS, but if the right one comes along....... Anyways if you would consider selling your forced induction SS that is still capable of towing a 5,000lb boat/trailer setup, post up! Not looking for a project or someone else's problems - perfect mechanical condition only please!
  3. I have for sale 2 keyless entry remotes that came with my 2011 Silverado. I replaced them because I added factory remote start to my truck. I am assuming they can be reprogrammed to your truck if you buy them, but I do not know what your dealer will charge for that- maybe someone will chime in? Anyways, asking $50 shipped via usps uninsured with no tracking or $60 with tracking and insurance to the lower 48. I can get a shipping quote if someone wants them sent elsewhere.
  4. Bump! If the truck sells and the buyer wants the other wheels then I will be putting the TBSS 22s up for sale.
  5. Thank you sir! I really wish someone on here would buy this so I know it will really be appreciated!
  6. Another price drop bump! I have no idea. All I know is that the only way to get the 6.2L engine is to get the towing package.
  7. lmao its easy to be a baller when financing is involved haha the new car is a 2010 Mercedes C63 AMG
  8. Bump for a new lower price! The stereo has been removed and the factory bose audio is back! Now asking $30,000 or best offer! I found my window sticker and the MSRP on this truck was $42,220.
  9. Not looking to trade but if you want another pickup truck then you should definitely check out my for sale thread...... http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/83418-fs-2011-silverado-lowered-with-ss-appearance-and-62l-engine/
  10. Bump for some suspension porn! Someone make me an offer, the new car is here!
  11. A few things to add that I seem to have left out: 29k miles. The tune was done in person, I basically have the autocal for no real reason. All interior lights are LED. The front passenger side LED works only sometimes and for some reason I never got around to fixing it. All the rest are soo bright that it really doesnt matter. The window tint was $300- ceramic reflects heat to keep the interior cool! Will never turn purple and has a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.
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