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  1. That SUCKS!! Texting and driving, or drunk as a skunk? Hope they don't total it on you, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Good luck brother. Great video quality. Store surveillance should be that good.
  2. Thanks for the good tips and pictures Richard. The way I view buying quality tools that will get minimal use is that it's the labor you would pay a shop to do the job. You still have to find storage space for tools that don't get used regularly. I've made my living with my hands my whole life. Hate buying cheap a$$ junk tools.
  3. You bought one of those sorry a$$ flashlights, too, huh? Nice looking truck. Good luck with your sale Brother.
  4. Before you start replacing parts because you think they might be bad; Find a GOOD professional mechanic / shop and pay them to figure out what is really wrong with the truck. I can't believe that there aren't any competent mechanics in the Oakland area. It could easily save you money and aggravation in the long run.
  5. If the chafed high tension wire was causing the problem it would be a very regular and heavy miss. The bad spot on the wire is far enough away from metal that it probably doesn't arc to anything, (As in a ground), (other than the bolt end that chafed it and that wouldn't happen until the bolt was turned to the wire at the same time that that cyl was firing). The high tension wire is not chafed all the way to the conductor in the center of the wire. Only the outermost covering is chafed. Mike might have it figured out, but I am surprised that a clogged cat doeesn't show up in a scan.
  6. You didn't get a "check engine light" when the problem showed up? I'd take her to a reputable shop and have it scanned.
  7. I suggest you try these sites. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/ https://www.silveradosierra.com/ https://www.gmfullsize.com/ Good luck man.
  8. I think that it can vary, some, from truck to truck. Mine got a little louder on acceleration but was loudest in a right hand curve at 45 MPH and a little faster. It will be obvious.
  9. General opinion, for years around here, has been that a tune is your best "bang for buck" mod. If money is tight I would start with a CAI and 160* thermostat, and tune. I use Zippy, FTW. Problem areas are 4L60 trans and front diff. Shift kit and Vette servos, at least, for the trans. Swap to full synth gear lube in the front diff. At 112K, the front f=diff has probably been re-built at least once. Just keep your ears open for bearing whine. That's usually the sign that it's going.
  10. Welcome to the site bud. You need a host site for your photo's. I use Imgur and direct link the photo to the site upload prompt.
  11. I bought a second truck. Wouldn't even think about shoveling gravel in the SSS.
  12. Thanks Brother. I hadn't seen that link but was pretty sure I was onto the right #. :thumbsup:
  13. Looking for verification for part #. 03 SSS driver side rear view mirror. I come up with 88980721
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