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  1. Downeast Johnny

    New here with a '05 SSS AWD

    I think that it can vary, some, from truck to truck. Mine got a little louder on acceleration but was loudest in a right hand curve at 45 MPH and a little faster. It will be obvious.
  2. Downeast Johnny

    New here with a '05 SSS AWD

    General opinion, for years around here, has been that a tune is your best "bang for buck" mod. If money is tight I would start with a CAI and 160* thermostat, and tune. I use Zippy, FTW. Problem areas are 4L60 trans and front diff. Shift kit and Vette servos, at least, for the trans. Swap to full synth gear lube in the front diff. At 112K, the front f=diff has probably been re-built at least once. Just keep your ears open for bearing whine. That's usually the sign that it's going.
  3. Downeast Johnny

    LA boy in NC

    Welcome to the site bud. You need a host site for your photo's. I use Imgur and direct link the photo to the site upload prompt.
  4. Downeast Johnny

    SSS Is Not A Truck

    :thumbsup: Lovin it.
  5. Downeast Johnny

    SSS Is Not A Truck

    I bought a second truck. Wouldn't even think about shoveling gravel in the SSS.
  6. Downeast Johnny

    03 driver side rear view mirror

    Thanks Brother. I hadn't seen that link but was pretty sure I was onto the right #. :thumbsup:
  7. Downeast Johnny

    03 driver side rear view mirror

    Looking for verification for part #. 03 SSS driver side rear view mirror. I come up with 88980721
  8. Downeast Johnny

    Ceramic coated now

    Looks good from here.
  9. Downeast Johnny

    Z06 Adapter Bracket Group Buy

    Showed up today. Great looking parts. :thumbsup:
  10. Downeast Johnny

    Z06 Adapter Bracket Group Buy

    Just got the "shipped" notice from pay pal.
  11. Downeast Johnny

    Z06 Adapter Bracket Group Buy

  12. Downeast Johnny

    Just bought a new project

    Nice find man. Enjoy your project.
  13. Downeast Johnny

    Front diff needs rebuild

    Many rebuilt front diff's have held up just fine. Find a competent mechanic and get a quote. Look for an estimate between $1,00o to $1,400. The rebuild should be a good bit cheaper than buying a new unit and having to pay to have it installed. GM recommended that these diff's got a fluid change at 500 miles. I've read many threads about front diff's over the years and most people are surprised to learn that the fluid was supposed to be changed at 500 miles. (Break in period.) In my opinion, that was a contributor in many differential failures. Once you get the diff rebuilt do that 500 mile fluid change and go with Mobil 1 full synthetic diff fluid. My diff needed a rebuild when I got the truck, at 40,000. The rebuild has 60,000 on it, (with Mobil 1 synthetic), and is doing fine. Not saying anything against transmission shops but you shouldn't need one for the diff rebuild. A good mechanic's shop should be able to handle it. Ask about differential repair experience. (Front or rear).
  14. Downeast Johnny

    Found on Craigslist 05 SSS with 38k Miles $21K

    Beauty. I was just thinking, today, that we've got to be getting to the end of low mileage SSS. Wonder what a bank would loan on it? Probably going to take a deep pocket buyer at that price.