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  1. I have a new crank pinning kit from a&a corvette for sale. $75 if you have any questions pm or text me at 4057405021
  2. You're real close then. Let me know if you want to meet up and check out the trucks
  3. Where at in Edmond. I'm off Waterloo and Kelley
  4. X4. There isn't anything better
  5. Where in Oklahoma are you guys from? I'm in edmond
  6. Damn, thats the same time I'm taking my vacation. I can't make that one.
  7. Us ok guys should do a gtg. I'm sure I can get a couple kc guys to come.
  8. Good to see another guy from Oklahoma. Welcome to the site
  9. As stated before its all about the right angle. I removed my spark plugs to gain extra room though. Good luck
  10. Pillar pod sold. Thanks Brandon Gms04 still for sale
  11. It sounds like a cv axle to me. I just had to replace mine because of similar symptoms. I had a busted boot on one of them though
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