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  1. Post away or STFU Rudy. You don’t have any signed waiver and saying you do is just digging yourself deeper. If it’s a simple online signature,surely you logged the IP as well? Post it all up....
  2. Post away Rudy. You don’t have any liability waiver from me.
  3. Let’s see this release I signed and I’ll be happy to continue this conversation. You’re a lying piece of shit Rudy.
  4. Whatever Rudy..... Youve already LIED and said I threatened you. I don’t threaten weasels. You clearly aren’t going to make it right and say anything to try to make yourself look innocent. When I see you selling these online again,I’ll be sure to chime in and let folks know what to expect. Anyone reading these posts can clearly see no one has threatened you either so they know you’re a LIAR. BUYER BEWARE!
  5. The fact is I only ever bought one set of brackets and those were yours. Sorry,I must not be speaking English slow enough for your simple mind to understand. Make stuff up as I go along? Like u saying I threatened you?lmao BUYER BEWARE!!
  6. Whatever Rudy...... You’re in to deep and will never admit it. I understand we all **** up(esp 10 years ago when we were all younger and dumber)but you’re somthing else buddy.
  7. And we ignore the part where YOU,Rudy,said you sold me a set? Come the **** on..... If your pics from 2010 came up we’d see they are one on the same. My brackets don’t look anything like the JYD brackets u posted. I didn’t wait a decade to complain either,I sent you emails right when this happened and you went MIA. I just happened to see you had sold sets again and thought I should warn the public. No one has threatened you either....
  8. Rudy still denies these are his brackets even tho I have the original USPS money order receipt in his name and the original box he shipped them in using someone else’s account. I’ve given Rudy every chance to make this right saying I would delete my reply’s and go on if he just made it right. He refused and wants to insist on lying and saying these aren’t his brackets. Apparently Rudy hasn’t grown much as a person since his initial transaction of ripping me off. BUYER BEWARE! BUYER BEWARE!!
  9. Btw,my rear brackets look EXACTLY like what Rudy posted. If someone can’t post pics up I’d be greatful. Rudy has the pics of the rears but won’t post them becuase it will prove they are indeed his 1st design brackets. These aren’t the brackets sold by SuperSub or JYD. I bought one of Rays(SuperSub) mp112 spacers about 2 years ago. Rudy had a truck he had converted to 6 speed or was in the middle of it to my recollection. I don’t think it was a SSS either....
  10. You’re a lieing piece of shit Rudy. these are Rudy’s original design brackets. anyone knows you went thru a few different designs. As a matter of fact,that’s prob why u stopped selling sets in 2010 and then didn’t start back till many years later. you admitted you sold a set to me and I only bought one set FOR MY ONE TRUCK(I still own it)and your email was still in my list of contacts. Unfortunately Yahoo purged the old emails of the initial transaction. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! if anyone has some hard contact info for Rudy please PM/call/text/email me. this ain’t over by a long shot Rudy you dishonest POS!
  11. I can email someone the pics,it won’t allow me to post them here. Why wait 10 years? becuase I just happened to be looking online and saw that u ran several more group buys. my phone # is 205-453-2765,let’s deal with this Rudy if you aren’t really a crook.
  12. I reached out to you at least 20 times when I discovered u sent me incomplete shit and u wouldnt reply. i sent you the pics of your incomplete brackets again just now today. dont play dumb Rudy,u know damn well I got ahold of u as soon as I saw the incomplete shit u sent. i paid with a USPS money order.
  13. Rudy,where’s the rest of my bracket from your very 1st run years ago? Buyer BEWARE when dealing with Rudy. Anyone have his contact info besides the email?
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