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  1. might just ave to go hangers then. thanks guys
  2. yes, i have shackles and prefer to not have to deal with the hangers at all. ease of going back stock if i ever wanted to
  3. is anyone running these? if so how do they ride?
  4. ooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr you could trade for a higher mileage blue SS ;)
  5. are the wheels still available? and the front passenger fender as well
  6. if these are still available quote to 36567 if these are still available quote to 36567
  7. i got a set of 22's id trade but that'd be the only way i could get them and i figure every body with SS wheels wants cash :/
  8. so my stock lights and $100? did i read that right?
  9. is the ipod interface for stock or aftermarket radio?
  10. same for me, its hard to open the site at campus. not complaining just saying
  11. that is awesome! my little sisters have a barbie jeep and we have used it many a night while playing beerpong because it has a radio lol
  12. i watched it and that shi cray! im going to talk my buddy into doing that on his jeep muaahahahaha
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