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  1. $1900 with shiping for the stuff in the box but well worth it look at the flow numbers on the heads the best i have seen for stage 2 243s...
  2. so the ups guy came today and droped off a big box :hmmm: so if you guys don't know whats been going on then let me tell you :secret: i been building a lq9 6.0L for megan fox shes geting a head cam full bolt ons 11.1 cr and more heres what came today tea stage 2 ls6 heads, cam bearings, head bolts, crank bolt and some gaskets i all ready got the new 228/230 112lsa 585 cam lifters push rods udp ect..... now just need some long tubes and some 42 lb injectors and shes ready for the sawp how much rwhp you think she i'll put out 420-450?
  3. Hey what's up with the injectors are we still doing the deal?
  4. Its a 4/6 with 275-45-20 but I'm going to 275-40-20 so it don't Rub..
  5. well the parts came last week and just in time to here she is my own little megan fox...
  6. my brother is asking how to make is 04 ss from awd to 2wd what would happen if he takes the front drive shaft out and if so how would you do it? any help would be great thanks..
  7. thanks guys monday the parts come in end i'll take some more pics when i finsh the front..
  8. that would be cool just let me know when you take them off
  9. Thanks guys when the front parts come in on monday I'll take more pics...
  10. it as a 4.8 but im building a lq9 to swap in with a 228/230 cam tea ls6 stage 2 heads full bolt ons just got some little things to buy like your 44lb injectors lol and do the swap with a 3200-3400 stall i think by next month it should be in..
  11. im going to call her megan fox heres some pics i just did a flipkit im still waiting fornt bushings to lower the fornt... heres some befor the drop heres some for the boys
  12. I have no cule but if you wanna sell the 8.1s yet me know I been looking for some...
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