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  1. i have a A-Blue shopman bowtie. in good shape, would look like new to someone with a buffer. not sure what they are worth i don't think you can get them anymore, was thinking $100 shipped to the 48 us overnight
  2. Might have an A-Blue Shopman SS bowtie for sale

  3. for all the guys saying they hate clones you should line up with will's clone i am sure he will change your mind! and saying you hate clones is a false statement. you hate the "concept" of a clone. because if a clone was done right you would never know. i like the truck (outside of the steps), the SS should have had a signal cab option.
  4. Brian could be WORSE!!!! could have been plasti dipped!
  5. could be your tie rod ends are wore out.
  6. Yeah it sucks, i bet if there is a list of most valued stolen trucks ours would way up on this list. i am thankful my truck fits in the garage by 3 inches to make sure she is safe at night.
  7. any one have some rotors laying around? i think im gonna need some soon.

    1. 2003_SuperSport


      Me too I'm starting to get the shakes LOL

    2. tonycillo


      i dont have the shakes i have squeaking in the rears

    3. 2003_SuperSport


      I overheated mine one day and probably warped them... I remember the day too that it happened lol... About a 85' day sunny and I buried the needle on the speedo and had to come to a stop fast and just smelt the the pads burn and from then on out it shook lol...

  8. i mean not really because it peels off but save your self the time and mask everything off.
  9. Here are some pic for you. just wash the area you plan to paint with soapy water dry it then tape off so you dont get any over spray and your golden
  10. where is Brian!! hey man if done correctly plastidip looks great i had every piece of chrome done on my G8 and it looked great. it also works great to just see if you liked the color. i had mine on for 2 years before i traded the car for Hottlesss truck.
  11. ooo these have the belt assisted stuff. my friend had one and GM gave them a credit toward a new car because they are just trying to get them off the streets but how bad they where.
  12. cant wait to pick up the truck tomorrow from the shop

    1. chevyman57


      what did you have done

    2. tonycillo


      new paint bumper nad iss spoiler


  13. Yea truck is at the shop i think i get it back at the earliest Friday. i was going to play around with different things. i told the shop not to mount it ill do it.
  14. how many of us guys that have added the wing, how have you guys mounted the ends? i think it might be hard to drill holes
  15. Man i want a sun roof and chrome SS wheels on mine. welcome
  16. i need some brackets. do these mount to the bed of the truck or the main part of the wing? dont really wanna drill into the bed being i am have almost 7k in body and paint to make the truck look like new again.
  17. i believe i can get everything but the front fenders also what price you looking to stay in.
  18. are you still loooking for parts?
  19. anyone happen to have a roll or tri fold leather top they would want to sell?

    1. cmoney23


      hmm.. I do but not sure if its worth enough to ship.

    2. tonycillo


      i get a great deal on shipping with fedex with my company. i just 2 day shipped my new ISS wing from BFE texas to missouri for $18. if you have pics i am interested


    3. chevyman57


      wow that is a good price $18

  20. i just did a thermostat on my truck. cost me $34 for coolant and part. the water pump is $70-$110 in parts alone your looking at $100-$135 plus tax. so if $200 bucks is worth the hour it would take you to put on then. i say go for it but if it was me $200 saving for me to do it im doing it. if i have to stay awake 1 hour longer on night to do it. i could not fall asleep one night so i decided instead of just laying in bed wide awake i would do something. so i change the bad thermostat. my 2 cents. good luck.
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