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  1. Yup thats Carters truck, we just threw some spindles on the front last night so we could crank the torsion bars back up and get some ride quality back, it's a million times better now! As far as plans i think im just going to drop my truck and put my 20's back on once the winter stops doing what its doing, haha after that im going to focus on my car, but i do have some plans for a turbo some time in the near future!!! Carter is going to do a 408 and some spray and maybe a 4l80e swap . . . . should move out pretty good!!!!! [email protected] you sir have a PM!
  2. Well right now we are just looking for a place to live that has a garage, haha. But in the future I'm wanting to expand into an actual shop but we'll see how that all goes in time. Thanks for the pm Matt!
  3. Hey fellas we are back and looking for a place. Once we get in and situated we will be able to do pretty much anything. Mike if you need that plug out we can do it at no charge. If you want we can hook up and fix the KR your getting the right way through tuning. I can't wait to see all you guys this summer! Matt if you could please reply to my questions about my old truck I would greatly appriciate it.
  4. Mike! hows things running? This is Brody, does that thing still run like a champ? Yeah right now we are both still deployed, i return in late jan and Carter will be following shortly after. His number is still good and will be turned back on as soon as he gets home. Right now we are trying to find a better place with some more room to work out of, but we should be up and running shortly after we get back. I'm not a spnser so if any of you guys have any questions as far as installs ect, just shoot me a PM. Can't wait to get back and hit up some cruises! Oh, you guys might have seen Carters truc
  5. yes its def a tuning issue . . . it has a TAC modual from speartech, and i have a feeling that it make be part of the problem, also like i said in the pm's the map sensor was acting up and will need a new one. my roomate and i tune and will be back stateside in feb/mar time frame, which should be good cause the roads might start clearing up by then. we had the tune pretty close and was running 12.60's in it n/a. then about a week later it started doing the rep mode thing. i had a few issues come up and had to leave it sit for a few weeks, thats when it was stolen. If you could like i aske
  6. You just got a hell of a deal on that truck! that was my truck! it was stolen back in september before i got to finish everything. here are the details of the engine its an ls1 out of a camaro but im unsure of the year. it has forged wisco-2cc pistons for some where around 11.5 compression, scat forged i beam rods, factory crank. the engine was built for spray. it will handle an easy 300 shot. it has prc 2.5 heads, a small tsp cam 224/581 on a 112 lsa, yella terra ultra light roller rockers, caddy race lifters. it has a complete front assembly from an 02 camaro, an ls2 intake with tb, pacesett
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