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  1. im looking for a blue ss for sale
  2. seen an 03 stock with same miles go for 22k at mecum
  3. iv been thinking about selling my ss its clean 38k miles,magna charger,headers,lowered,corsa exhaust.this is my dream truck i looked for it for 3 years $28000.00
  4. i need a nice black front license plate bracket
  5. this is cheap if it didnt have so many miles on it i would grab it http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/3736678020.html
  6. those are on houston craigs all the time any ad with a g-mail address and too low of a price is a scam
  7. i used a crappy chrome shop and mine turned white
  8. got one thanks for the help
  9. i called him and was making plane reservations to go get it until he emailed me pics of the certificate.he read it wrong its #895 of 933.but its a nice one owner truck,just too much money
  10. anyone have a good stock 410 front diff for my 03 sss.
  11. i sold my first one along with a sweet low milage 87 grand national because i was in need of money for an investment.i missed the 04 sss more than the 87gn,so after about a year i bought a 07 sss and later a 03sss.as long as i can keep finding them i will always have one i hope.
  12. thanks,i will probly go with a jasper,they are better and said they fixed the problem that gm wont.my truck just rolled over 100k so i will probly be selling it in the next few months anyway.its my 3rd sss.i think my new sss will be a 06-07 2wd
  13. do you have the part number.the parts guy goes by the vin and my 03sss shows it not available anymore
  14. i am really just trying to repair it cheap as i can so i can swll my truck and find a 06-07 sss time to update
  15. i need a good front diff for my 03 ss mine dumped on me
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