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  1. X2 It could also be a lifter issue, such as one not pumping up/clogged or a collapsed lifter causing noise in the valve train. I've seen them make noise before if the truck has not had regular oil changes. Here's a video on what I am talking about. Not saying the fix the guy does in the video is what you need just an example of a possible noise you could be hearing.
  2. The 80e swap looks like it fits like a glove. Its always nice when things just bolt up. Good work, keep it up!
  3. Exactly my first thought as well. I've washed my truck off with our well water that is not softened and it water spotted so quickly it was impossible to get it dried off without tons of spots. Now it always gets washed with the softened water. I also agree to seal it after you clay bar it with some good wax, definitely makes a big difference for the next wash.
  4. The new truck looks great! I have to say I really like the new 14's they look excellent in black with color matched grill and such.
  5. I've seen that one before, I'm sure the transfer case loved that. LOL
  6. Like you said the pulley change really wakes it up. I would swap to a different stall other than stock but for what I currently use the truck for I think I will leave it alone. It still pulls really well, especially with the boost kicking in down low in the RPM's, seems to get into boost right around 2500 if I recall.
  7. Thanks! It pulls a lot better now with the 2.8 pulley, never did make it back to the track to see what it could do after the pulley swap, I've just been way to busy. I think the tune needs some adjustments after the pulley swap, other than that it runs excellent!
  8. Hot pipes are looking good!
  9. Where's the progress pics?? LOL I'm still hoping you can get that thing together and running before the end of summer.
  10. Good call, you are totally right. The wideband is the closest gauge to me and pretty easy to see, so like you said that is all that matters. I'm glad I now don't have to think I need to spend any money on the truck lol!
  11. Talked to Zippy yesterday and it looks like the 3.2 pulley with the underdriven rear pulleys is only making something like 3-4 psi, thus the slow time. So I swapped on a 2.8 pulley and went for a romp around the block and immediately noticed a huge difference in power and boost. Glancing at the gauge it looks like its around 7-8 psi +/-. I need a pillar pod with a digital boost gauge as its hard to see the overhead console gauges while smashing on it.
  12. BlueAKSSS

    The Storm

    Sounds great in the videos!!!
  13. BlueAKSSS

    The Storm

    Those gauges look great, what brand are they?
  14. Thanks, I think it is around 5-6 psi but I did not pay to much attention to my overhead gauge pod during my runs, where the boost gauge is. I really want to get a nice pillar pod setup as the overhead gauges are hard to see. I'll post up the video link in a bit, it's being slow to upload.
  15. I finally made it out to the track for the test and tune well yesterday (Weds 7/16). I made 3 passes with the truck and it ran pretty good, my main problem was heat soak my best run was 14.68 at 91.80 with a 2.21 60 ft. This was with a IAT of 145F so it was definitely hot, outside temp was 70-75f. I think it could run faster, but I'm sure my stock muffler and exhaust manifolds along with high IATs where limiting my times. I sent Zippy the logs maybe there could be some tweaks but I'm guessing that's about all shes got for now.... Anyways I'm happy with the outcome and it was a blast. I've got video just need to edit them and upload I'll try and get them up sometime soon.
  16. Sounds like a great deal for you, that had to cost them a ton to ship that up to AK!
  17. Wow that's awesome, keep us updated on this... Sounds like a great deal.
  18. I got one from the dealer for a lot less than that for my other truck, just FYI..
  19. Hey Zippy, thanks for the comments! I just got back from driving the truck all weekend as usual out to the lake and back, its been running really good thanks to your excellent tuning. I will keep those upgrades in mind for the future, right now I'm just going to keep it pretty stock to keep from blowing anything up on this truck, I do however have the 4 bolt pulley upgrade on the front so the pulleys can easily be swapped, I have the 3.2 on it right now and notice no slip at all, I also have a 2.8 but like you said swapping the rears is the best. The rear pulleys used to be over driven but I swapped them back to the stock setup to keep the boost at a low level. If I had some extra cash laying around I would definitely look into the spacer but it seems alright for the moment. I'm going to take it out to the test and tune on Wednesday of this week, should I run the scanner on it when I do some passes?
  20. Thanks Brandon! I do have a 2.8 front pulley.... lol but that's probably just a good way to break stuff on my worn out truck hahaha I'll have to run this out by the track sometime when a test and tune is going on and see what it will do over a stock SS time.
  21. Here's a little walk around video and test drive, I only got on it a couple times and with the GoPro in the back window its kinda lame but it pulls really good! Anyways enjoy,
  22. Thanks! It was definetly a quick install, pretty much one a days work. In other news I drove the truck about 200 miles this weekend out to Big Lake and back, seems to run really good. My wideband died but it turned out to be a wiring issue so I fixed that for the return trip. I also think the tune still needs some tweaks to get it just right as I didn't get into boost much at all except for a couple times and it seems to be sucking gas down quick! Guesstimating like 10 mpg highway? I'm imagining that it should still get decent-ish mileage for highway driving and obviously city will be down from stock. No complaints about the tune at all though, Zippy is doing an AMAZING job as usual, super quick response he's onto the 7th revision and it runs sweet. I'll get a video soon! When it does get into boost it seemed to be running about 10.9-11.5 afr which I would imagine is perfect, Justin had me scared when he mentioned anything above 11.8 in boost is bad news!
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