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  1. I agree with what Matt said above, I would start with a simple compression test and make sure you have decent compression in the cylinder. I also agree that there is a high chance it could be just an electrical connection to the coil pack. Let us know what you find!

  2. Yeah I have a 2wd ish question. Putting plans in motion for a 2wd swap. Only really wanna know if the flex plate spacer is needed for just AWD due to the transfer case or if its needed for 2wd as well just to get it to mount up to the engine

    You will need a new Flexplate, bolts and Spacer from say a 2004 Chevy 2500HD pickup to put the 4L80E in your truck weather it is 4WD, AWD or 2WD the spacer is needed for all variations of the 4L80.

  3. Yikes, don't like to see threads like this! I think you have come to the right conclusion, somehow the internal transmission cooler in your radiator must be leaking into the coolant. Not a good situation! I would get a new radiator installed and have both the transmission and cooling systems cleaned out/flushed. If your good with comfortable working on it the radiator is really easy to change with basic hand tools, drain pans, ect. Hope you can get that solved qucikly and I would not recommend driving anywhere with it like that to prevent transmission damage.

  4. I had the same problem with my truck two years ago or so, except for the headlight issue. It is related to your underhood fuse block. I pressure washed my engine bay, inner fenders, underhood fuse block and wow was that a mistake. Truck would always try and start itself as soon as you turned on the key. My fix was to put a fan blowing on the relay/fuse box with the plastics removed and after two nights in the garage it fixed the problem. Basiclly the water gets inside and below where the fuses and relays are and makes connections across things like the starter relay. Hopefully this helps you out.

  5. Unbelievable to see how many of these trucks get stolen and ruined by thief's. Just kills me every time I see another. You did luck out, they did not take the cladding brackets, door handles, mirrors, and most of the interior! Assuming the drive train still runs fine, you could always get one of these fiberglass kits and have it painted and install it back on there. Probably would be the cheapest fix short of finding OEM cladding. Good luck with your project.

  6. The stock cats flow pretty good from what I can tell. Most people only replace cats when they fail with a universal fit cat like what you linked to. The best upgrade would be swapping over to long tubes and catted connection pipes! So unless yours are giving you major problems I wouldn't bother changing them.

  7. If you are experiencing play in the steering your front end components are most likely getting worn out like others have said. I've found that it is pretty cheap to just replace all of the components as these trucks are getting pretty old now. I purchased the following off Amazon with free shipping for right about $250 then installed it all myself and it made a big difference in steering feel/play. After replacement a realignment is critical as the new pitman arm usually aligns the steering wheel off slightly.

    2 of ACDelco 45A0785 Professional Outer Steering Tie Rod End

    2 of ACDelco 45A1311 Professional Inner Steering Tie Rod End

    ACDelco 46C1123A Advantage Idler Link Arm Bracket Assembly

    ACDelco 45C1120 Professional Idler Link Arm

    ACDelco 45C0069 Professional Pitman Arm


    Also the steering wheel can only be installed one way on these trucks since it's keyed, so that is not the issue most likely. The ball joints won't cause the wheel to be to one side unless they are really bad, usually they squeak or pop on corners when they are toast.

  8. I would skip the LS1 fans since I don't think they just bolt up and use the 05-06 fans as you can buy reproduction versions for pretty cheap. ($140 ish) The other option is to go to a junk yard and find a set and the GM relay control for it and add them to your truck. The GM relay system works the best that I have seen. I would assume both fans cool just about the same.

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