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  1. i am defiantly out of my comfort zone, i have an 05 silverado ss with about 220k on it now its got piston slap pretty bad, still runs like a monster but you can here it and well this deal was way to good to pass up, from what i understand the heads on the 6.2 are not compadible with the ss intake so i was thinks head swap but with what ? also i like to look of the holley intake good or bad choice, and cam texas speed seams to but what most prefer, would like to see if possible to build a 700 horse monster,
  2. located in nj looking for a bed whats out there,
  3. i can get some have been working many hours lately
  4. i think shorties will get a pic and post it
  5. headlights were from ebay, was looking for smoked and found these, will get a pic of them lit up
  6. list of whats been done over the last few months, i got a new gm front bumper cover and lower air scoops, aftermarket tahoe lower air dam got a used goodmark cowl hood, aluminum polished chevy bow tie new black halo headlamp and marker lamps, with a custom rewire to marker lamps, installed a gm factory switch for fog light with gm relay aftermarket fog lamp kit with hid set up, used gm accessory 22 inch wheels and yes thats a 6.2 from a caddie in bed, too good of a deal not to pick up, not sure what to do with it,
  7. i have 4 redone is gloss black powercoat with the inserts painted satin black with 245/45r22 brigestone tires asking $1400 or best offer, looking for 22 inch silverado ss rims silver or crome, or any other style rims i might like
  8. i have a stock hood, front bumper with ducts no center grill, grill with billet inserts, smoked headlights and marker lenses,
  9. i have jbs headers with stock y-pipe and bullet cats asking $250
  10. update: whats been installed, rear transfer case seal and fluid changed, engine oil cooler lines in, all trans lines in, power steering cooler with lines and new fluid, also got set of kooks headers and y-pipe, passenger header on but not tight yet, started install noticed seepage on fuel lines, so i need to find fuel lines and might as well change up the upper o2 sensors since i have 2 new lower ones, i did buy a cowl hood that popped up on facebook market place so i went and got it,
  11. the issues, body issues, some rust in rt bed side, dent that was pulled out above rt taillight, lower rocker molding missing, [ on order lets see if correct ] lower cab molding missing, [ on order lets see if correct] lower rocker left side rotted out nothing there inner or outer rocker, tailgate but i have correct one, cosmetic issues, the rims are not bad but were spray chromed so i need to send out and have repainted or i am going to get different wheels, mechanical issues, abs light on, [ bad module] check engine light on, [ bad o2 sensor, code] but 1 header has a crack so i need to see if it can be welded, ps cooler removed, oil cooler line bye passed, rear transfer case seal 209k miles parts on order, ps steering cooler, high pressure ps hose, engine oil cooler hose, all 3 trans hoses, rear transfer case seal, rt lower rocker and rt lower cab molding all new gm parts, aftermarket parts, driver lower seat cover, rear spoiler with bed side cap covers. headlights and marker lenses not sure what to do with bed side ,, repair, or replace or possibly a new bed, [ aka used ] lower rocker is going to need to be done with replacement weld in parts from a bodyshop,
  12. thanks guys here is a little background i bought my 16 year old son a 07 trailblazer ss to learn how to drive it was really cheep, couple days later motor started knocking so i bought the silverado ss, now he is learning how to pull a motor and how to drive a pick up, will get some pics up soon , i still cant believe i have both of them, the silverado ss just fell into my lap and last owner was awesome person to sell the truck so cheep, he was like make offer all i can say is no
  13. pics to come just picked it up tonight, does need some tlc and its miss dome cladding but its a driver / project truck
  14. i just picked up an 05 ss and its missing those plus the bracket to mount them, some one cut the rocker out in its all missing, got some rockers inner and outer to weld in,
  15. if it was just a line when she was towing the 24 foot enclosed trailer it would have been ok but it turned into a fire melted a bunch of stuff on the driverside, got it out quick was in the tow truck towing the 2 impala ss i had at the time,. and yes she is puts up with me very well, and was not mad at all when i got my son who is 13 and 72 monte carlo
  16. my first ss was an 03 arrival blue dummy me traded it in for a crew cab 03 1500hd that well was not such a smart idea, then well after 3 other trucks including an 08 2500hd gmc crew cab with a duramax i traded it in for a 05 ss silver birch, i loved that truck but life had another story for it, had to sell when all vehicles were lost in super storm sandy. that truck was in land in storage unit need a work vehicle, i ended up getting a 2500hd red sold it to a friend for a 04 2500hd silver birch with an 8100 and allison trans but it blew a brake line scared the crap out of the wife. she would not get in it or let me put the kids in it so it went, to cut it short i have a 16 dodge ram 2500 hd crew cab cummins the wife got me so i really cant complain, but i would like to locate a replacement, that is never going to leave again,,, 3rd time will be the charm. i have pics of most of the truck i have had.
  17. just found out i need to wait a couple months for the pay off on the 2 car loans and 1 credit card comes off my credit so i can get a loan for another vehicle, if not the interest rate is way up
  18. coal miner, go pm. replied with e-mail address LETHL-SS, do you have factory wheels,
  19. since i have sold my 2500 hd and could not make deal happen on sliverado ss i was looking at i am looking for a truck, whats out there,
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