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  1. hey guys so i sold the ss about 2 years ago and wanna get back into trucks. Thinking about a 6.2 awd sierra denali but this time i wanna do a whipple, headers, corsa and a drop. Does anyone know of a good performance shop in phoenix that could help me out? Also what other supporting mods would i need on the trunk. Anything helps thanks
  2. its pretty much personal preference and whatever fits your budget. That being said im a kicker guy and love the way their subs sounds so I say solobaric. In the end its your call and your truck! good luck and post some pics when your done
  3. I really hate to sell but im leaving for a few years and so the truck has to go. 2003 silverado SS 122xxx miles and counting as it is my DD. Okay exterior it has been driven like a truck so it has the occasional scratches and dings here and there. Also someone hit me in a parking garage so there is a scrap along the left rear bumper and the paint along the bed rails is beginning to fade but lets remember it is a 8 year old truck. Interior wise it has the classic tears in the drivers seat and arm rest but all other seats look great. There are scratches in the rear cup holder from transport
  4. well unfortunately the truck will be up for sale soon so I took a few last pictures of a now clean engine bay and interior. I know this isnt the for sale section but if your interested shoot me a pm but I will also be posting it later in the sale section with more info. heres two more
  5. lookin good man and thanks for your service
  6. arizona's definitely the place for warm weather
  7. I guess I was expecting a newer "SS", and I can see how it would be quick with a few mods but the same thing can be said about an SS. I just hope they come out with something new by the time I get back.
  8. Well Im gonna be going abroad for the next two years so the SS has got to go but I've been looking into what to get when I return. Today I test drove the 6.2 LTZ because Im interested in doing the callaway 540 but I gotta say I was disappointed. It was nothing like the SS. It was slower, didnt handle as well, and didnt hook up with the road as well as the SS does. And its only available in 4x4 not awd so thats a negative. It was a big let down but at least now I have an idea of what ill be looking for when I get back. Another SS!
  9. Dont get a chip get a custom pcm from either blackbear or wheatley I went with blackbear I love it
  10. dude those bikes are awesome if you do end up getting it you'll love it
  11. gm needs something new
  12. Found this poor truck on ebay and Im just a little confused on what look this guy was going for http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Custom-paint-Suspension-lift-SS-bumper-/140513317515?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item20b73f128b
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