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  1. its a joe gibbs wing not a iss
  2. dark met grey its a real oem jg wing not a replica
  3. kenne bell boost a pump close to new 150 shipped usps sold 07 tbss fuel rails 80 shipped usps gmt 800 aux audio interface its a dxx technology plus part# gm12-auxv2 60 shipped aem 35 psi boost guage alone no harness 30 shipped usps 09 silverado coils set of 8 150 shipped usps used diamond pistons 4.125 bore for boost valve intake depth .165 exhaust .107 was goint to build a lsx but had a change of plans 700 shipped 2005 lq4 4l80e harness 150 shipped usps jg wing 350 +shipping and paypal fees sss driver cab corner cladding 110 shipped sss ext cab rear door 120 shipped cant upload pix my photobucket acting funky .i will add more stuff as i go thru my parts that i just have sitting. tex me for pix thanx fellas 818 three one two 56zero5 danny im located in cali btw
  4. check this place out i been meaning to check it out look like a cool place too me .anything in lv cant go wrong show's club's gambling blah blah bla ect... lol http://themobmuseum.org/inside-the-mob-museum/
  5. heres mine good hood twin scoop full functional
  6. i have a hydro boost unit with master cylinder and hoses i can do 250 shipped ls2 90mm car tb 200 obo shipped tbss fuel rails 60 shipped
  7. it is not worth the swap but not going to be cheap .you will need a 24x 2 58x crank box conversion extend your knock and cam sensor http://www.lingenfelter.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=L460065397&Category_Code=C163#.UeY5QOAdtvc http://www.gmhightechperformance.com/tech/0903gmhtp_2001_chevy_camaro_z28_ls3_dual_disc_clutch_wiring_harness_install/
  8. Hit up oneslicksilvy he has a front bumper cover
  9. i had that same issue with rep mode replace a tac and a tb nothing so what i did next replace all 8 connectors that plug in to the tb and went away for good gl man
  10. nice post up updates when u do buy a newused car lol 6.0 t56 formula for badassness son!!!!!
  11. buy a sierra denali there bad ass you wont miss the sss at all its basically a escalade but a truck form lol gl ruben on ur find
  12. Hers this for 9k http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/cto/3818937607.html Or this for 13k http://www.dynacornclassicbodies.com/gm_models2.html
  13. Check all ur front bushings ,ball joints ,tie rods ,sway bar bushings and end links also make sure all ur bolts are tight
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