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  1. I had an 07 escalade awd that ran into issues around 120k with motor mounts, stabilizer links, power seats, rear view camera, and that list goes on with other stuff not likely on a z71. The rear hatch window defrost connectors broke loose from the window too.
  2. I still have my new front differential from Midwest Transmission PM me if the rebuild doesn't work out
  3. truxedo truxport bed cover says won't fit over spray on over-the-rail bed liners... why? does anyone here recommend a good tonneau cover?

    1. LSupNorth6.0


      You'll probably need one that mounts between the bed rails instead of on top because of the seals they use. Not 100% sure on that though. Ill check out my buddies and check back. I'm pretty sure he has spray on with his

    2. tayldss


      spoke with truxedo and they said the front seal is why they don't recommend it with spray on over the rail bed liners. but with the truxport, the seal can be applied to the liner itself rather than the bed, so it should be ok... the seal doesn't stick to the spray on liner.

  4. Thinking about selling my Smith and Wesson Governor including S&W undercover holster and ammo box loaded with moon clips, 45acp, 45lc, and 410 ammo Gander has a gun buy "deal" coming up but I'm sure they won't pay up on the package I love the gun, it's a blast to shoot, but in all reality it isn't very practical for as often as I get to use it. I'll get some pics up if anyone would be interested
  5. got out of my 07 Escalade and into a 2011 z71 Silverado! ahhh love being back in a truck again

  6. bump for the last hour of Black Friday.... $800 shipping included to lower 48!
  7. I don't see why it wouldn't fit an 03 $1000obo Also, have this set of lower grill inserts, make an offer
  8. I've got a Black Friday deal! Still trying to sell my new front diff that I had picked up for my 04 SSS 4.10 gears, brand new. Retails for $1300 UPS said they'll ship it anywhere lower 48 for around $150 or so Considering that, make an offer and get this out of my garage! I have paypal set up now!!
  9. I sold my truck because of having our 3rd child on the way and the inevitable nickel and diming with a 10yr old vehicle with 230k on the clock. I picked up an 07 escalade for the extra seating and 6.2 AWD. Now the regrets... 1)doesn't fit in the garage, truck did. 2)gets worse mileage than the truck did 3)wife says for as often as the escalade sits, we might as well have KEPT THE TRUCK, and gotten a CTS wagon.
  10. I'm still trying to sell my new front diff still in the box any serious offers
  11. Looks awesome! How much of a drop did you end with? I want to fit my escalade in the garage sooo bad this winter and low it must go!
  12. I can look more into shipping, it's around 85lbs on a small pallet. Any preference on shipping, let me know. I've been super busy lately and haven't had any time to get to UPS or FedEx before they close to see what they'd charge. As far as price, I'm not expecting to get $1400 and will take shipping cost into consideration with any serious offer. I still have the tailgate, lower grill inserts, and cladding. Sorry again for any of you guys who have PM'd me on shipping. My schedule has been sending me all over lately.
  13. I've got new lower grill and brake ducts for 03-05 ready in a box PM me an offer
  14. You should be fine. I towed all sorts of cars around Wisconsin and a large U-Haul down to North Carolina and back without issue. Stock tow package and standard hitch. I always had fun pulling folks out of the ditch in the winter months with my AWD when passers by thought no way. AWD or 2WD, these trucks are a beast. Drive smart.
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