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  1. Thanx guys! Someone just message me about one for 60 bucks so Ill prob take that one.
  2. Just as the title says Im looking for a TBSS engine cover. So if someone has one or knows where I can get one let me know, thanx.
  3. No I wont be selling my ISS spoiler. I don't want the truck to be left with holes in the upper back part of the bed from the 2 end pieces, sorry. Besides I really like that piece.
  4. No they don't weld on as they are made out of fiberglass. It atttches with a few screws under the tailgate, has studs on either end, and they recommend a little 3m tape on the ends as well.
  5. Im taking my BSER roll pan off my truck and putting my stock rear bumper and tow bar back on since Im trying to to sell my truck. The roll pan is in perfect shape still and is painted same color as my truck. You will also get all of the mounting hardware necessary for the install along with 2 sets of white LED bolt style lights for your licens plate. Im asking: $600 plus shipping OBO
  6. Yea, I have some 3m tape so I could do that. I may try the plasti dip it and hope it holds up and looks alright
  7. Price reduced: 13k on stock wheels or 13,800 on the 22's as is
  8. Ok. I figured out the right sized for the bolts. The ones toward the front on the rails are 3/8in and the ones toward the rear of the truck on the rail are 1/2in.
  9. Well I already have a guy that Ive promised the BSER too for 550 shipped unless someone could beat that deal which it will also include 2 sets of white LED bolt style license plate lights. Well I know the bolts need to be 1 1/2 in. in length. I have the right bolt for the top front holes now but I need the rear 2 bolts. From the botl size that I have now it looks like I just need to go up 1 or 1 more sizes. Ive tried the back to black stuff on the piece before but the crap never lasts long and it is pretty well faded. Plus It has 3 or 4 clips that are messed up now so it wont stay down. I dont to color match it as it will get used to step on so I dont want to mess up nice paint. The ones Ive found on ebay are genuine GM pieces but they are just 120 bucks which to me I think they should cost about 60 or so but what can you do. Thanx again guys!
  10. Yea, people have been trying to offer me crap to trade for it. Ive been offered bikes, atv's, 2 v6 mustangs, dodge's and other crap that im not interested in. I had one guy that wanted to trade me a 2011 Silverado LTZ and all Id have to do is trade him and get the amont to pay his truck off which wasn't much. At the time I couldn't do it but now I could so I wish I could find him again.
  11. Still for sale and a price drop. Im asking 14,800 as is or 13,800 with the stock wheels and tires OBO and opent to trades with cash if you have another truck or TBSS to trade Only new thing added to the truck was I had GM Gauge Guys do a LED conversion on my cluster with their circuit board fix so the cluster has a lifetime warranty on it.
  12. Hey guys Im selling my BSER roll pan but I cant find my stock rear bumper bolts. So could someone tell me what size bolts are needed to bolt the bumper to the frame rails of the truck. I know there are 3 bolts per side and one pair of bolts were a different size. Also can someone tell me where to get a step pad for the bumper also for a fair price as my clips are broken off in some places plus its all faded. Ive seen the step pads on ebay for about 160 or so and a dealership wants 260 for a new one. Any help is appreciated, thanx!
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