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  1. If I had a place to keep it safe, I would Strongley consider it. Glad to see you guys are both enjoing your trucks!
  2. Damn, Sorry to hear all of this. Glad you still have it and hope your doing much better. I saw another Silver one for sale recently and so badley wanted to put it back together. This is still one of may Favorite Trucks that I have owned. I loved my VHO but There is just something about that silver birch truck that I can't get over.
  3. You are correct the original metal bumper was in a black e-coating under the SS cover. The standard metal bumper is chrome. The basic metal portion is the same wither its black coated or chrome. This applies to both the front and the rear bumpers. The only thing you would find on the Standard SS metal portion of the pumper was some strategically placed clear film and some foam inserts to prevent rub through and to help it retain its shape.
  4. Sup fastbrick? Looking to get info on where I can pick up a 04 ss Silverado grille. Any help would be greatly appreciative. 

  5. The factory OEM Grills already come painted From GM. The last two I purchased (06-07 style) where around $500 My cost and I had to wait for them to come out from Detroit.
  6. I have seen all 3 For the 07 model SS. Black, Red, and Silver.
  7. For 69I / 69D interior, I used the following.GM | 642H | Very Dk. PewterSEM No. 17223
  8. Luis, did you ever get a set made??? FWIW for others looking for this info. Dutchman can and will make you a set of axles for less than the cost of 1 new axle from GM when they were available. I sent them an axle from this application back in 2011 and had them copy it. When they ask what it's for they never seem to remember the application and want you to fill out a spec sheet. I believe my invoice number was 60376 so they can look it up.
  9. Check the door jam where the wiring goes in. Make sure the harness boot is sealed up correctly to the door jam.
  10. There availible new but there like $100... I grabbed some from the local pick your part since the scum bags steal the mirror glass but cut the wires and ruin the mirrors.
  11. Images and write up are still on PT.net ---> https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/technical-write-ups-201/gmt-800-900-cabin-air-filter-retro-kit-gm-oem-parts-533295/
  12. Same vinyl head rest as the leather. Auto temp is odd but could have been ordered that way. Steering wheels is a toss up. I have a cloth bench truck and it has them as factory. But I have seen fully loaded with out them as well. Mine is also a manual temp. 06 gmc spring special truck.
  13. A buddy of mine had a red 06 SS with cloth interior. He went to the dealer and got a print out of the RPO build codes and confirmed it was built that way from the factory.
  14. I have seen them listed on Craigslist in my area but have yet to see one in person.
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