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  1. Is it possible to blend the fiberglass with the plastic cladding? Is it advisable? Add me to your contact list when you make another production run.
  2. Will do. It's going to be a couple of weeks though. I just ordered the Belltech 2" drop kit and since I'll have to disassemble everything up front I will be doing the brake line swap then. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to make my own using Russell fittings and braided hose.
  3. I get the same overhang as everyone else, the fix would be for Baer or someone else to manufacture a rotor 1/2 larger, or drill the brackets so they are a 1/4 closer to the center. I think there's room to do that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not faulting Rudy's brackets. They certainly make the installation idiot proof. Overall, I'm very satisfied. Need to find replacement brake lines.
  4. All done! For those of you thinking of doing this upgrade, I highly recommend it. Rudy, all I can say is, PERFECTO! The brackets worked flawlessly, The calipers were dead-on center. The only issue I had was with both front and rear flexible brake lines. They simply aren't compatible with the port location on the new calipers. The front lines had to be attached by turning the block 180 degrees around and away from the original routing, thus taking up original slack built-in to allow full left-right steering range. I had to remove the brake line from the bracket on top of the spindle and remove the bolt from the bracket holding the brake line at the top of the A frame. As a temp fix, the lines are anchored with wires ties. The rear brake lines have a straight 2" line (stainless- aluminum?) that when installed, blocks the upper caliper mounting bolt... so you must attach the caliper first, torque it and then attach the brake line. When you do this you can't put the 33 ft lb torque on the banjo bolt. I tightened the bolt until it stopped dripping and then gave it another 1/4 turn. Now there is no way to re-torque the calipers later unless you remove the brake line, which would required new crush washers. Ass pain. Even though I was able to make them work, I need to replace them with a braided hose. Any ideas?
  5. Doing this conversion today. For the caliper pins, is there a torque specification, do they go all the way down until they bottom out, locktight? This is probably obvious for most but I have to ask. Thanks
  6. Yup, the lights go out as advertised. Actually it hasn't occured since I changed the battery. Seems to have gone away. Weird.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. Bummer though, I need to find a new installer in San Antonio.
  8. I've owned my SSS for 7 years now and for the last year or so my Radio has stayed on with the ignition off and the door open. It would stay on for a few seconds and shut off. Ocasionally I would come back out to the truck and hour later and the radio would be on. Last week I went out to the truck and the battery was dead. I figured the thing was about four years old and with this texas heat and it was time to get a new one. Installed a new batt and now after about 30 ignition cycles the problem seems to have gone away. Does having a FULLY charged batt make a difference? Or am I just lucky? Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem? P.S. I have a pioneer flat screen which was installed over three years ago. Had an attempted theft recovery 2 1/2 years ago where they tore up the column pretty good had to have both the switch and the stereo replaced.
  9. Check this site out: http://www.transmiss...r.net/4l60e.htm I dropped a Mega Raptor (700R4) into my '88 sileverado, it has a stroked 350 (383) which was estimated at 450 HP. I went to this company after breaking the Planet gears housing and also had a cracked reaction shell. These guys offer a level three and level four 700E (4L60E). It's at least a good read on general performance transmissions. If you have a reputable builder in your area, you get the HD parts from these guys. Their customer service was great and I had a stupid newbie question trying to set up my TV cable and they were very patient and got me on the right track. My Silverado SS has 118K and I'm starting to see and hear signs from the tranny. I'm going to call these guys when the day comes. Oh yeah, they'll also be able to get you the right torque converter to meet your needs.
  10. Do we have the CNC file for the bowtie emblem? Sure would make it easier.
  11. Brangus

    Fuel Filter

    Talked to a dealer last week about this very same subject regarding my 2004. He tells me 2003 was the last year they used an inline fuel filter. There's a "lifetime" filter in the tank. Really? This defies all common sense to me. But what the hell, Volant now has a 150K air filter for their CAI box, so I guess anything is possible. I'm sure if there was a part the dealer could have sold me, they would have.
  12. 2004 104K miles Regular service with mobile 1 Transmission flushes Coolant flush plugs/wires both differentials and xfer case fluids Three sets of tires Brakes at 90K - Radio died at 75K, replace with pioneer - Cluster died 80K, replaced by dealer free - Both Wheel hubs - A/C belt shredded, cause unknown While stationed in california for two years: - Attemped theft, driver door lock, multiple steering column parts, new ignition lock, another pioneer flat screen - Two burgleries resulting in driver side glass and passanger side glass. - Hood keyed
  13. Very Nice kill. I gotta tell ya. I just bought a 2011 Challenger SRT 392. Stop laughing. I've been driving it around now for couple weeks just breaking it in and everytime I jump back into my 04 SSS i have this disappointed feeling. Maybe the truck is just getting old. 120K mi. It's pretty much stock with the corsa and volant. Now I'm thinking about taking it over to Nelson Performance here in San Antonio for a rebirth. At this stage in the game It'll need a tranny rebuild if I throw a Radix onto it. But do I want to dump $10K??? Very nice run though, that video has me pumped up.
  14. I'm out of town right now. I'll get those posted when I get back next week.
  15. I have a brand new - in the box - hub bearring for sale. I'll take $50 bucks you pay the shipping. SOLD
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