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  1. Still looking for a trade? If so email me for quickest response. [email protected]
  2. Any info on this? Interested in condition of hood and also grille...
  3. Love love the ceramic coatings and looks like you did your research since Kamakazi is one of the best there is. What coating from them did u go with? They have one called zipang I think that’s pretty expemsive but it’s a super badass one they only make in batch’s. Assuming cause of the high content Si02 it has. Believe it is even semi self healing too. I live in Columbus Ohio and place right by me called Esoteric fine auto finishing a is one of the only retailers in the US for it. They also install and do the STEK clear wraps too. Hope to work there one day. @Thing1 do I remember right you are from Columbus area? @Silverado_George You can find someone qualified to do a real good wetsand and polish. It will take a while and it likely will be a bit pricy since the time involved but deff a way cheaper option than a whole repaint. Best to find someone who’s obsessive about it and will enjoy doing it. Where u located?
  4. Bingo! Great info fast brick. FYI summit racing carries the dye that he listed.
  5. Could always add a mini notch to the rear to alleviate the bottoming out also. Probly start with stock shackles in rear as there cheapest option. And likely easiest for you to do stock torsion keys and get stock spindles. Leave the lower a arms cause Id say it's easiest for alignment reasons. I got some stock keys in garage if you want try them just let me know and cover shipping and I'll throw them in mail. Hell I got some stock spindles on my truck we can swap too after try the keys. Glad to see new users finding this site and all the info it offers. Congrats on the sss btw!
  6. Email me. I got 2 without the tiny covers for sure so between me or 1bad2k we can get ya handles. Emails faster for sure tho. [email protected]
  7. Any peeling at all on the buttons, knobs or face? Know what year it's from?
  8. Still got anything left? I'm very intrested in the grille, door handles and possibly the taillights if there in good condition still. My stock taillights are doing that peeling inside crap. Where you located if do have stuff still? And I'll take next in line on that hood.lol
  9. Bumping this thread so we can get new pics added of everyone's process and outcome. Photo bucket sucks and most the pics in here were gone and I noticed we got a few showing back up now. Some good looking setups! I have my interior all out for sound deadening and a full detail/interior restore well I do the headliner so will be doing this in next week or so. I'll get some good pics well I'm at it also. Hope it helps some people. Also... why is there so many people with there seats raised a few inches or even forward a few? Is it just to clear larger sound systems under the seat as the sole purpose? Never really heard about raising rear seat for anything else anywhere. Just curious.
  10. Very true. I do got extra tweeters but the little speaker covers for them are lighter grey than the sss very dark pewter color since they are from a subrurban. If you have your stock tweeter covers they will clip in to them.
  11. I got a extra factory set I believe. I'll find them and double check.
  12. Were you implying doing just the rear O2 delete in the computer with this? Then doing a FULL tune later? Cause I plan on doing long tubes here soon also. I always assumed if I'm gonna mail my computer out or find a local tuner I could trust, I may as well do full tune. Never thought about sending out just for the O2 delete. I planned on attempting the trick with the spark plug extenders that move the O2 further out of the pipe and exhaust air flow to limit the air they get and give a false "good" reading. Haven't read anything on it regarding the SSS or with long tubes, or even anything as new as these trucks. Just remember it from back in the day. May not work at all and figured chances are 50/50 but worth a shot for a few dollar part to attempt it. Back to original post.... I new, good write up would be cool cause not too much info easy to find about the factory true duels and diff ways to set it up. Seen some info about running a X pipe, H pipe, regular connect to stock intermediates, new everything all way out with with some with cutouts and mufflers and some without, even some people just remove it all and add a Y pipe and run single. I plan to delete my cats so I wouldt mind a setup to just connect them right to stick exhaust as it is, for now at least. Don't see any of those setups offered really and figured that way would be on you to have a exhaust shop figure it out I guess. Idk. I really like and leaning towards the speed engendering full true duel X pipe kit for $400 but gonna have to wait to get that till after headers. What's everyone's opinions and what setups have you ran or tried out or liked/disliked with them?
  13. Yes thanks man. Nice to keep everyone aware of these assholes doing this kinda stuff so we know to stay clear
  14. Man I can't agree with this anymore! I'm excited to get my SS out finally for a full season since I got a real one and it kinda sucks cause I know it will barley go anywhere. Simply can't risk it. I drove it to store a few times and within minutes I'm leaving cause I'm nervous about it sitting unattended. Anywhere I go, even when I had my rcsb clones, was somewhere I could always see them. Sucks we have to be so damn cautious cause these thieves out there. I always remembered growing up with my dad if we went to eat somewhere he requested a window seat where he could see his truck or car. Always laughed cause we assumed it was to just admire a nice ride he worked hard on. Now we have to do that just as a precaution. Hell, I even seen a member on Instagram (diaclow) that came home and her house was broke into and her rcsb autocross race truck was stolen from the garage in the process. Didt even have a dash or interior in it so had to be loaded up on trailer in pure daylight. Obviously came for truck and house items were a bonus. Unbelievable and terrible you can barley enjoy something and not drive it if you have to leave it unattended for more than 5-10 min.
  15. Man I bet you still had the SS flood lights in the doors and the SS door still plates on there too. Damn I gotta hunt down all that stuff. Too bad insurance took it. but you'll find another man not to worry. Just keep looking and keep your head up.
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