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  1. So I parked my truck for about a week and a 1/2. Went to get in it and drive and nothing. No Chime, No lights, Nothing! So naturally i thought bad batt. Batt is good had it checked. Terminals are clean its a new Red Top. Connections are good just did Big 3 couple of months ago. also checked all of the grounds on the big 3 just to make sure. Fuses are good, did a relay swap and that didn't do anything. I am now completely stumped. Any advise?
  2. dizl05

    Congrats to Fireman31

  3. dizl05

    2005 silverado SS

    Just did headers and exhaust on my 05. did a ton of research and ended up doing dynamaxxx 1 7/8 LTs into Borla Hi Flo Cats 3" into Borla Muffs single in single out duals in front of passenger side tire. Got a deal on the Borla components wasn't really about the brand. Cheaper than a Corsa Sport. Sounds cool little different than most. If i could do it over i woulda went dumped with a dual in dual or single out muff. Cant tell you on gains cause i did a lot of stuff at once. heads, cam, 160 stat etc… tune is a must. wish i had a sound chip but I'm still working on her. pics and clips to come. Good Luck with your build!! keep us posted.
  4. dizl05

    Whats up guys, been awhile

    Nice! I've always liked the silver! black ss badges would look killer on that thing man.
  5. dizl05

    TX mile

    Yea my truck is no where near ready for that. remember seeing on there that some guys met up there a few years back. i think one of them ran it but can't remember who.
  6. dizl05

    TX mile

    Anybody running or going to the TX Mile this year? https://www.texasmile.net
  7. dizl05

    Nothing Special - My 03 SS

    Nice buy bro. Good starter! that Syclone is crazy man!!! what are you putting down with sucker?
  8. Need at least a 3200 stall 3600 would be best tho. Anybody got one or now where to get one cheap?
  9. dizl05

    Loosing power after upgrades

    Right on. Thanks for the reply man. Think I'm gonna get all the details on the trans and then get ahold of him.
  10. dizl05

    Loosing power after upgrades

    Yea thats from a straight launch at full throttle. Its not shifting to 4th when i run it hard. regular driving it goes through the gears but still acts funny sometimes. Local guy in El Paso. He's got a pretty legit shop does some good stuff but Ive had nothing but bad luck with my build. Trans had to be rebuilt twice. So naturally i figured that was the problem also thought it might be the tune as well. He said he drove it several times and "it drives nice and has some good power" Big Bear Performance is coming to Houston which is a hike but i think it might be worth it. Either that or zippy. Put down 405 on the dyno, doesn't matter much if it aint hittin right tho. Still think i need to take a better look at the trans. Going to get the contact info of the trans builder and go straight to him, which i shoulda done in the first place. lesson learned. oh yea and they scuffed the crap outta my bumper, he's making that right tho. btw i really appreciate the help bro!
  11. dizl05

    Loosing power after upgrades

    So after doing some test runs today... shifts 1-2 at about 5500 rpm 2-3 same about 5500 then it drops to 2500 rpm it climbs to around 3k and pretty much holds there when I'm driving it regular it continues shifting but when i get on it this is what it does. As I mentioned the guy who did my heads/ cam outsourced the trans. So I'm not 100% sure what all he did. He's supposed to be getting me the info. my guess is either the cam and stall aren't the best set up or the tune is off. the cam is a 231/234 torquer v4 which is not on the extensive write up zippy did on here.
  12. So I finally got to do some mods to my SSS after years and this was the outcome... 2005 SSS MODS include Precision Race Components Heads from TX Speed Torquer v4 Comp Cam DBL Roller Timing Chain HV Oil Pump new plugs and wires 160 thermo k&n CAI custom tune 4l60 Trans Rebuild 3200 stall shift kit Dynamaxxx LT Headers Borla HF Cats Borla Muffs xpipe So heres the problem truck makes good power until it shifts from 3-4 gear and it just drops off. The dyno looked good as far as I saw. I had a shop do the build he out sourced the trans which i did not like but he assured me it would be good. The shop i took my truck to is pretty good so i trusted them. After driving it and researching the last few days I think it may be the servos in the trans. Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. dizl05

    2003 SSS Part Out - Parts for sale

    You still got your center console up for grabs?
  14. dizl05

    24" U2-55 Wheels and Tires

    Got a pick of these baby's mounted?