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  1. I am entertaining the sale of my 2006 Silverado SS with cloth interior, 46,000 miles, PAMPERED & BABIED beauty. The truck has never seen snow, never driven on a dirt road and always maintained properly with Mobil 1. Never in accident, never broken, Replaced the original tires at 44,000 miles so you know I didn't burn them off because I sold the old tires once they were off for $150 cause they were still usable. We have the original window sticker AND we have kept a log book of all the gas that has ever been pumped into the tank! The front seats have always had beach towels on them. The bed has never hauled anything and had a bed rug when new and a Truxedo roll up tonneau cover. The only mods are a billet aluminum bow tie in the grill and a stainless muffler & tailpipe from Magnaflow and window tint. I am offering it up for sale firm at $24,500. No disappointments. My pictures taken from my cell are way too large for posting. If you want to see some email me at [email protected] 6 PICTURES CAN NOW BE SEEN IN THE ALBUM SECTION.
  2. I m entertaining the sale of mine also. 2006 RWD in Victory Red, cloth interior with only 46,000 miles in MINT condition. Never raced, Never abused, never used as a truck, never has it seen snow, never been on dirt road at all. Chrome wheels bed rug soft tonneau cover. Beach towels on sets since new, and a log book of every drop of gas pumped into the tank. Brand New Pirelli Scorpion tires. But its priced above the KBB book price. email [email protected] if seriously interested.
  3. OK, I see your points but if you're not driving hard (which is difficult) And not towing I guess for everyday driving its kind of OK to do. Mine has only 46,000 miles on it and I would LOVE to keep it but with premium costs 50-60 cents per gallon higher its hard to do. But then again if I can't justify the cost then I shouldn't drive it or even own it. Let's see if I can post a pic of it.
  4. Hey All, chubbyoldguy here again. I haven't visited here in quite some time. Been busy trying to locate an engine for our Saturn Vue PLUS I put my 2006 Silverado SS up for sale. It didn't sell because I put the truck up for sale at "my price" which is higher than book price and I had people telling me there is nothing special about the truck and offered me 8K less than I was willing to sell for. My point is I own the truck, I live in the "GOOD OLD US OF A" and I have the right to sell it for what I want, not what the buyer wants. If one thinks I have over priced the truck then feel free to go buy one at your price. Simple isn't it? I thought so. So my questions are, what would be the results of using lower octane gas in it? Or can the truck be detuned to accept regular gas? I'm just curious. Any legitimate thoughts?
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