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  1. That's ok Clay. Maybe next time. I changed the facebook website to include all GM sport trucks.
  2. I've started a new topic for a truck show in the forum. Take a look!
  3. I attended this show last year and had a really good time. At the time I didn't have my SSS because of a bad tranny. There was lightning's, dodges, cyclones and typhoons there. But no Silverado SS's. So I started a local Facebook group (Link in my profile) for our trucks to try and make a better showing this year. So I'm calling on all SSS's in the surrounding states to show just how proud we are of our trucks. I'm hoping for 3-5 local guys too. Here's the link: http://www.nwcarshow.com/2015AllTruckShow.pdf Shane S. [email protected]
  4. onebluess

    onebluess toys

    My SS and few other toys I've had or still have.
  5. I'd post some pictures but can't figure out how on my phone. I'm sure someone else has some good one's.
  6. When clay pulls the trigger, Adam and me (Shane S.) are planning to come and I'm really hoping our Stanwood guy can join up...
  7. That works for me. I hope the rain takes a break that day.
  8. If we could make it further north this time it would be nice.
  9. They look a lot better with good color schemes and 80's pinstriping. They also came with the Z34 package but that was a V-6. I can't find one in my state so I was looking for other ideas.
  10. Due to the gas mileage on my SSS I'm always on the lookout for a cool 80's gas saver. With today's gas prices everyone is looking for a gas saver. But gas savers really didn't get started until the 80's. And well most 80's compacts are just plain ugly. If you're looking for 28MPG in a 80's car what would be cool besides the CRX. Honda CRX seem too common. I thought of the 944 Porsche but that 2.5 Liter 4 banger really didn't do to well as far as MPG were concerned. My top vote so far is the Cavalier Type-10 Hatchback. Any ideas?
  11. Little late for an update but the wheels were sold.
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