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  1. Might be the dumbest question ever, but is the 46e just as good of an oil filter as the stock 46?
  2. "If you don't see it throw it away." Walsh, to Montana; moments before "The Catch."
  3. I had those too (AWD), no complaints and they looked sharp. Honestly tho, I had no probs with the stock goodyears and they lasted way longer than the Kumhos.
  4. Yeah, might be the waterpump. I had this issue and I thought the res was defective so I bought a new one. It still leaked, so I thought the cap was defective...then I thought the hose was defective... lol. I finally took it to my mech and the waterpump proved to be my issue. and by "bought a new one," I meant got one from the yard
  5. atta boy! Another healthy daughter after such a scare, what a blessing! Most awesome christmas ever
  6. It turns out that the o ring on the lid was he prob. I guess the lid regulates the pressure in the tank, and the o ring lets out pressure through that tube if it gets too hot. the o ring wore out and the pressure that built up in my res tank needed a way out, and (what i think) my tank already was defective and the pressure made things worse. I got a tank from the yard (good call homie, u saved me $40) and bought a new cap and things have been runnin smooth (knock on wood)
  7. The res is supposed to be sealed air tight, right? The side (closest to the passenger) seems to have a crack, as if the mold detached there. when the engine heats up, you can hear the air pressure release from the crack, and im assuming thats where the leak starts. Anyone else have this problem? I only have 54k miles on my stock ss, makes no sense for this to happen. I glanced at the hoses to see if theyre damaged, but they seem to be free of coolant leakage. Should I just purchase a new res? thanks guys
  8. 5k miles on these tires, and really nothing good to mention. The tires feel real tight in sharp turns. i wouldnt get these again.
  9. I read that the tires (the Kumhos) are very loud in high speeds. Im getting a set for $507, so i hope its not too bad. Any updates on these? Is the noise too loud? I coulda had a set of pirelli strs for roughly the same price, but the tire maing said that the Kumhos have a better speed rating.
  10. yeah, my grammys fightin through old age too brother. shits rough, but shes the most stubborn human being ive ever met, and im sure yours is the same... haha Shes having respiratory failure and sometimes she losses balance and falls. Thank god she hasnt fallen hard on anything sharp, or hit her head on anything. That ladys been there for me every damn breath Ive taken, so I know what youre going through, maing. Stay strong and brighten up her day.
  11. ive been searchin for some ideas on how to start upgrading my truck and I came across some of the things youve all done on your personal pages. Nice work across the board, I was blown away. Thanks for this site! -sam san diego, southern ca
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