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  1. havent been on a dyno but it should be in that neighborhood with the 408 on 23 psi with the e85. the drop is 3" up front and 4" in the rear.
  2. lol, the charge pipe blew off back when i was procharged , battle wounds ...
  3. Thanks Killer! they are 20" centerline archers . But i heard centerline went out of business . Best part about the wheels is they are a cnced wheel that weigh only 24#s each. here is a video to the truck if you guys want to see a walk around...
  4. too bad 30 mins after this pic was taken it needed to be washed again... lol quit hatin' Zach, your just jelly.
  5. everybody says tune which is very important but i think using the proper fuel for the level of performance your wanting is even more important.
  6. is there anybody on right now that can get under there truck and take a picture where the front driverside 02 sensor plugs in at?
  7. keep me posted on the parts you use with the coil over swap i may look into that as well . ive been tossing around the idea of buying some stock 16" rims and putting some MT ET'S on them just wondering if they will be worth it at the size you can only fit on stocker rims.
  8. are they any lighter then the stock a-arms? if so how much lighter?
  9. awesome man great times! i cant wait to get mine down the track.
  10. i know its been a while ... again.. but i ordered a new circle d converter , billet flex plate and a flt lvl 4 80e . it all shipped on friday and i believe it should be here tuesday. hopefully it all plays nice with each other so i can get this thing to the track to see what it can do. the suspense is killing me. here are a couple current picture as of tonight...
  11. although she is way different now she may be sold this weekend.
  12. Thanks man. Yeah I want to get it out this spring but its pointless to take it with this stall so I need to get a new one in it before I do that. This stall has been a tight one. It has never let me stall over 2800 no matter how much power I have throw at it lol, stubborn little thing . Did you ever get your stall problem worked out? Looks like you have put down a good time since I've been on last.I might be giving circle d a call and see what they got going. The stall I got now is a billit tcs converter and I just had it refreshed two months ago when I had the Trans oUT and told them I wanted it looser but they said they couldn't loosen it much.
  13. Sorry guys don't come on much. Just got some new clutches put into the 80e about 2 months ago, now that the Trans is fresh it's so tight it won't make boost off the line unless it's like 30 degrees outside . It's only stalling to 2800rpms off the foot brake. I think I need to pull the stall and get it re stalled closer to 3500-4000rpms to get it in its sweet spot.other then that the truck is an animal and traction is going to be the next battle and a must if I want 9's.
  14. WHERE THE F.U.C.K ARE THE TURBOS ?/??!!?!!
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