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  1. idahoBLKss

    damn she is sooo fine!! FREE DROOLS!

    havent been on a dyno but it should be in that neighborhood with the 408 on 23 psi with the e85. the drop is 3" up front and 4" in the rear.
  2. idahoBLKss

    damn she is sooo fine!! FREE DROOLS!

    lol, the charge pipe blew off back when i was procharged , battle wounds ...
  3. idahoBLKss

    damn she is sooo fine!! FREE DROOLS!

    Thanks Killer! they are 20" centerline archers . But i heard centerline went out of business . Best part about the wheels is they are a cnced wheel that weigh only 24#s each. here is a video to the truck if you guys want to see a walk around...
  4. idahoBLKss

    damn she is sooo fine!! FREE DROOLS!

    too bad 30 mins after this pic was taken it needed to be washed again... lol quit hatin' Zach, your just jelly.
  5. idahoBLKss

    Who still love there SSS !!

    Still love and have mine!
  6. everybody says tune which is very important but i think using the proper fuel for the level of performance your wanting is even more important.
  7. idahoBLKss

    What I've been up to with no SSS...

  8. idahoBLKss

    New lowering coilover conversion and drop kit

    what coil overs are they? can you post pics of the stuff?
  9. found it thanks for the info!
  10. is there anybody on right now that can get under there truck and take a picture where the front driverside 02 sensor plugs in at?
  11. idahoBLKss

    potato land build , 9'[email protected]+ goal

    quick video i made of the truck
  12. idahoBLKss

    Aksss turbo 370 rebuild

    keep me posted on the parts you use with the coil over swap i may look into that as well . ive been tossing around the idea of buying some stock 16" rims and putting some MT ET'S on them just wondering if they will be worth it at the size you can only fit on stocker rims.
  13. idahoBLKss

    DJM Lower and Upper 3" Drop Arms NEW

    are they any lighter then the stock a-arms? if so how much lighter?
  14. idahoBLKss

    Come and get a free one on me

    still got mine