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  1. Gentlemen I did not start this post to be a "bashing" I am mature professional who has put a lot of money out, and have not been happy with what I received for it. Matt, I don't want to threaten you, I apologize for getting somewhat emotional. Sorry man, but 2800 is a lot of money to me. An explanation would have gone a long way. I've been waiting a month and half for one. UPS is coming to inspect package today. Call me when you can and we can handle this like adults Thanks Tyson 860-601-0565
  2. Well, for those of you that read my last post, I was having trouble with a transaction. I bought a used supercharger kit (everything but the fuel pump) from ccc_23 in February. After weeks of calls and emails....He sent me a text message saying he was "reshipping" the supercharger that day. (over a month later) Good News!!- It finally came yesterday BAD NEWS!....No meth kit, no heat exchanger, reservoir, or pump....AND because of the great packing job, it is damaged. Two corners of the manifold are damaged. One corner broke right off, the other is bent up. Worse News...He once again won't answer calls or emails, and filing a claim through UPS, they only will send a check to the SHIPPER!! Sooooo If anybody knows him, give him a call before the police get to him....or me Thanks all Tyson
  3. Well, surprisingly, I just received a few text messages from him. Said its a long story, he hasn't had ANY form of communication for 3 weeks. He's at a job now, and he will email me later with everything. Said I will have my tracking # by tomorrow morning at the LATEST. No reason yet as to why it didn't go out over a month ago. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for all the support and ideas. He better come through......
  4. Yes and Yes. I've done pretty much anything you can think of, short of flying to Iowa
  5. Very good detective work! Yes it was ccc_23. I am pretty pissed off about not having my supercharger for over a month, But I am even more angry that he will not return any type of message that has been left. Does anybody know this clown?
  6. I don't have any pics yet...probably mount them up this week. But I picked up a set of American Racing Trench wheels; all black. I love them, can't wait to put them on!
  7. Hey guys Thanks for the support! I've been giving him the benefit of the doubt for 3 weeks now! I've left numerous messages, everyway that I can think of. I sent him pm's (he's been inactive for 3 weeks now), emails, voicemails, text messages, facebook messages...there's no way he could have avoided all of them. I did file a paypal claim, but no guarantee that I'll get $$ back. So upset! More disappointed than anything. I would never think of conducting any business like that. I guess I shoulda been more careful, sort of let my guard down being another member. I'll give it a little more time before I throw I name his out there, unless he tries to sell anything else! Thanks guys!
  8. I think I have been ripped off by another ss.com member, and I am not happy!! I purchased a supercharger from another member (who shall remain nameless), in February....and still no supercharger! I sent the money via Paypal, and it was supposed to have been shipped to me at the end of February. The seller has not answered any pm, voicemail, email, or anything else since the first week in March. I know its only been a little over a month, but that is not right!! Anyone have any ideas? Or am I overexaggerating? I feel as though after spending that much money, I should at least get some kind of response! Money is tight for everyone these days, and I am no exception. Now I have nothing to show for a chunk of my savings! Any ideas guys? -Tyson
  9. Thank you everyone, look forward to meeting you all at one of the meets. I am in New Hartford, CT, same town as ski sundown. Please put me on the list for Lebanon Valley...look forward to it! I'll get some pics up soon (waiting on a few items)
  10. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm from rural Northwestern CT. I've been in the background for a few months, and love the sight. I've had my SSS since 05, victory red, AWD. I absolutely love it. Thank you to everyone that I've bought things from, you've all been very helpful.
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