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  1. Well see the thing is We have been best friends for like 8 months. and that's were it grew from so it wasnt just a 2 days ago kind of thing.
  2. Funny thing is she wants to go to mexico with me lol,and my penis is still in tact thank you. ;)
  3. lol Yeah I know I respect her.
  4. Well guys this is how the story goes... Two days ago I was browsing the "net" on my cell phone, and so I decided to read my horoscope for shizz and giggles. This is what it said: There is some one that likes all side's of you and is getting ready to tell you everything: Low and behold, later on that same day I receive a text from a girl I work with telling me that she likes me and wants to be with me. The funny thing is that, I feel the same way about her. But she had bigger marbles then me and confessed. Now we are together and we love each other. I still can't believe it! I really love this girl,and she say's she loves me too. Her best friend told me that, Hannah my girl told her that she really loves me and cares for me alot.The only "thing" here is that she is 17 and I'm 21 but she doesn't care about age and neither do I . WOW all I can say is wow. That horoscope never even crossed my mind twice..... So what do you guy's think about all of this?
  5. If only you were close to me I would race you. (Traxxas Nitro 4 tec)
  6. Great to know that you have your own lawn mowing business also.
  7. I would tear that thing up with a shovel
  8. I wish I was a pro drunk lol...... After about 7 40.oz Bud ice's I'm gone Probably wont even no what the alphabet is
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