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  1. Hey thanks for the help
  2. I am getting ready to replace my plugs and wires with new MSD 8.5 and iridium plugs and was just curious what everyone is using. I was looking at the AC, denso, and NGK plugs
  3. I went to hotchkis site but do not see a setup for my truck am I missing something?
  4. Ok thanks gents I am going to order one on Monday. Again thanks for the help. Any idea the best place to purchase from?
  5. Gents I am looking for a rear sway bar that will work with a TA rear diff cover. Does anyone know if there is a sway bar that will work with this diff cover.


    love that grille where did you get it
  7. What brand tie rods did you get? did you replace the inner and outer?
  8. Do you still have the ISS wing and katzkin leather?
  9. What size is the rotors on the 2006? Is it off an AWD or rear wheel drive.
  10. Just wondering but is it still possible to purchase the brackets.
  11. Good morning ladies and gents. I am looking for a Transmission shift link cable for my 04 Silverado SS. Mine broke yesterday and the only place I can find one is on JC Whitneys website, Does anyone have any suggestions. I looked at GM Parts Direct but could not find one. Thanks, Robert
  12. Just wondering what the part numbers and cost for the front speed sensor and control module on my 04 SS. I am getting the vibration in the brake pedal and am sure the sensors are bad and needing replaced. Thanks, Robert
  13. I know this is an old post but My 04 is doing the same thing.
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