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  1. Well I don't need the door speaker anymore, I was shocked to find out that a new one from the dealership was only $69.00 and that's our sad Canadian dollar , plus they had it on hand.
  2. Anyone happen to have a good working condition factory Bose front driver side door speaker, to be exact, that they can part with, mine has started to have a very annoying buzz. Let me know what you want for it and I will need it shipped to Alberta Canada.
  3. It looks like it's going to be turning some heads when it's finished. Nice work.
  4. Anyone have a side shot pic of the spoiler mounted. Looks good straight on but how about side profile. kckid1695 you must have one since the truck pictured is yours?
  5. Can someone tell me if the SSS comes ready to do a simple wire job for a in cab trailor brake control. Or is this a complete start from scratch task?
  6. Would you have the in-dash SS cover plate, that is in the center of the dash?
  7. Well I'm now offically a SSS owner . Heres a few pics of the one I found. I'll have to get some better pics when the warmer weather gets here some day . Man I can tell you guys I'm sure impressed with the truck so far, very happy with this purchase.
  8. Yes the Trucktrader has a few, but 90- 120,000km's no mods 03 or 04 for $27,000-$33,000. I think that way over priced. I did find a sweet 05 with 61,00km's Black, with a cold air intake, that the young owner needs to get out of the financing. He payed $33,000cnd in Sept and I can get it off him for $25.000cnd. Now for you US guys that's $20,059usd If I get it I will post pics after some TLC.
  9. I was wondering if it's a stunt to get people talking about him more. Wouldn't put it past hollywood.
  10. I've been looking at a few here, but many are over priced for what they offer (mods) including high milage. I know there has to be a few good ones but where are they. I was going to buy in the States but our dollar is just terrible now so that doesn't look the way to go. Any help would be great.
  11. We have Rhino, Line X, Armourthane and Bulldog plus a few others up North, But the Armourthane is a nice product that when cured stays a bit softer than some of the others and cleans up back to like new very easy and also keeps items from slidding around better also vs the other brands that where cured become very hard and also hard to wash even dust off, and if items aren't tied down they just slide around.
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