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  1. Any new info on this topic mine was doing the same. I've been driving it with my main seat harness unplugged all summer just so the clicking from the heated seats turning off and on would stop. I'm getting tired of seeing the airbag light now and winters coming. Thinking about ordering the seat control module. Just not positive that will be the fix.
  2. My 05 has a problem where the heated seats will turn off and on repeatedly by themselves, and make a clicking noise under the dash. I've unplugged the switch in the door, figuring it was that but it wasn't. The passenger side is fine. The only temp solution was to unplug the drivers seat main harness connector, which causes the airbag light. From what I've read it looks to be the seat control module that is screwed up, the black box under the drivers seat.
  3. I installed the peripheral Isimple PX AMG kit to my Bose and also have the same problem. Its a it quieter then CD. And I have static in the background. I emailed the company and they sent me a newer version with .36 serial number but it sounds the same.
  4. That is just a link to the verde page to show what i was talking about with the black accented fake allen head bolts.
  5. The factory caps are aluminum wrapped plastic. should be able to polish them.
  6. I bought a set of used 22" SS replicas for my SS. I don't know what brand they are because the guy i bought them off of didn't really know. He said he thought they were factory reproductions. My stock SS 20" center caps do not snap into them. To me they look like the Verde wheels because the fake little allen head bolts in the center caps have black accents like the Verdes do where as the factory reproductions are completely chrome. http://www.tradeunion.com/website_brown/pr...spx?wudId=21506 I'd like to get a couple center cap spares just in case one goes missing. Also why wouldn't the stock centers work, i read on here that they would. they stockers appear much better made and thicker.
  7. What about the high end viper pagers ? Are these still no good ?
  8. Thanks guys I'll do that. I was going to get them to install the front components because i'm a little confused how the factory system is wired up. It isn't a standard cross over right. They said the front door speakers didn't have a full range feed. I was going to go with the infinity 2 ohm reference components. And install the rears myself because it was straight forward.
  9. So I went to get new speakers today. The guy pulled my pillar molding off unhooking my tweeter. I thought it would be best to show him the noise it was making to make sure it actually was the speaker not the HU or factory amp. And the noise wasn't there. I have a stereo ghost?????
  10. I read on here fast 4 popper said that the stock tweeters have the cross over built in. If thats the case maybe i'll just leave them and get coaxial speakers since the front doors are full range. Would it sound fine with an extra set of tweeters?
  11. My door speaker is blown. If i buy a component set say Ininity References because they are 2 ohm can I just swap out the speaker and tweeter with the infinity ones. Wouldn't this be using the stock cross over ? Or would it be better to just run a coaxial and leave the stock tweeter ?
  12. About 2 weeks ago in the cold morning it seemed like my left front tweeter was blown, it was all muffled and out of sync with the rest of the speakers, I thought maybe it was frozen it was so cold out. I ran the defrost on high and ten mins later it was better. Everything has been sounding great for 2 weeks now. Now this morning (cold again) My left front door speaker sounds blown very similar to the time before. What could this be??? I wonder if this time it will fix itself again ? Could it be something other then the speakers. Or just the cold and humidity.
  13. What connector do we use for an ipod other then the fm transmitter route?
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