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  1. AirSchatz

    When do you consider your mileage to be too high?

    I have over 200,000 miles on my 03 SSS, no issues except broken manifold bolts.
  2. AirSchatz

    Android Headunit

    I'm thinking of replacing my Pioneer double din headunit with an Eonon GA2168K, https://www.eonon.com/Android-Car-GPS/2-Din-GPS-Navigation/10-1-Inch-Double-Din-Car-Navigation-HD-Display-with-Android-8-1-2GB-RAM-Quad-Core-Processor-Adjustable-Viewing-Angle.html Does anyone have an Eonon unit? Pics? Likes? Dislikes? TIA.
  3. AirSchatz

    Holty Interior 5

    Where did you get that center console for the double din screen?
  4. AirSchatz

    Cabin filter ?

    Gotta link to that article? TIA
  5. AirSchatz

    Gm Engine Manual

    Anyone have a copy of this?
  6. AirSchatz

    Anyone ever have this happen?

    I wish someone made a stainless steel cover that slips over the brake duct.
  7. AirSchatz

    Seat covers

    Check out The Seat Shop, I just ordered a complete driver's side seat bottom, top and arm rest. It's a little more then the ebay find, but they have a video that shows the difference in those and theirs, their look like a high quality product and about $90 more than buying from ebay. Also, they have a 10% discount right now. Check them out.
  8. AirSchatz

    Air Conditioning Problem

    Last week, on my 03 SSS, AC was working great, blowing cold air when I stopped at my destination. About 2 hours later I got in and no AC, the clutch was not engaging. Also noticed that my DRLs were not working at the this time. The next day, the DRLs were back on and the AC blowing cold. Could this be a short somewhere?
  9. AirSchatz

    Aux in for a 2004 with Bose system

    Hey I used a PIE interface on my 03 SSS. The GM12-AUXV2, gave me rca outm then used a RCA to ear phone jack adapter. I pluged the jack into the back of a iPhone craddle and could listen to my tunes from the iPhone. I have since gone with a Pioneer deck and have no need for the GM12-AUXV2, $20 and its yours. PM me if your interested.
  10. AirSchatz

    Truck Finally Lowered!

    What size tire are you running? I want to do a 2" up front and a 1" on the rear. I'm running 305/50/20's, will i have an issue of rubbing tires with the fenders?
  11. AirSchatz

    2/4 Drop

    Do you have any rubbing issues with a 3" drop up front?
  12. AirSchatz

    A/C / Heater Fan

    This forum RaWKS!!!! Just fixed my AC. Thanks guys
  13. AirSchatz

    Pioneer Avh-p4200dvd

    Any pics of the install?
  14. AirSchatz

    Lt Headers

    I would be interested in a set, how much $?