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  1. Anyone try the mishimoto aluminum radiator they have available for our trucks? They look good?
  2. Hay guys just wondering what radiator to go with for a direct replacement for my stock one? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Sup everyone? I just lost what appears to be first gear suddenly after a stop light stop. It feels like I have a big stall know at first but seems to shift fine the rest of the gears? Does anybody know what maybe happened? Also the tranny fluid smells terrible! Thanks!
  4. I just installed some powerstop drilled and slotted rotors and pads on my SSS and so far so good they feel better then stock. I got them from Amazon for less then 200$ for everything. Front brakes only!
  5. My factory starter went out at about 70k on my truck!
  6. Ok thanks for the info! Is a tune a must? Or can I drive it untuned for a while? Will I have check engine lights on?
  7. So I'm thinking off bolting on some longtubes on my truck but need to know exactly what I need to do it right? I'm thinking of longtubes without cats straight into my borla muffler! Will I need a tune? Do I just bolt up the o2 sensers to the headers? Ill most likely be doing this myself except for the cutting and welding parts! Thanks guys!
  8. Cool thanks guys for all your replies! Ill just hand clean instead! Lol!
  9. I was thinking of just foaming the engine and just hosing it off! Would that be ok? I do have the cover off at the moment!
  10. Hello everyone just noticed that my engine is filthy lol! Thinking about foam cleaning it? What do you guys recommend? Is it safe With all the sensers and everything? Thanks!
  11. I'd say your SSS is worth about $18,500 or so! I got the same truck with about the same mileage and that's what carmax offered me about a year ago when I was thinking of trading mine in!
  12. 305/50/20 sounds about as wide as I would go also!
  13. thats what I'm looking for direct bolt on! My only question is I heard something about drilled rotors weren't good for trucks because of the weight or something?
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