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  1. SuperStock

    4L80E conversion

    Wow, I am surprised this has not sold yet! This is a great kit!!
  2. SuperStock

    Corsa Performance Exhaust Tip 14031

    That went quick haha!!!
  3. SuperStock


    Welcome to the SSite! Congrats on the new purchase!
  4. SuperStock


    03 AWD, Congrats! How many miles on the truck!? Is it all stock?
  5. SuperStock

    Turbo build

    The build looks great man! I'll pray for the 4L60 😂
  6. SuperStock

    Adapter Shaft Issue

    I have Time2Kill's adapter in my truck, Excellent!! He will get you set you.
  7. SuperStock

    They got her... Stolen

    Sorry to hear that man!!Glad the insurance was not much of a hassle.
  8. SuperStock

    WTB SS Parts

    How is the build coming!? What color is the truck?
  9. SuperStock

    WTB SS Parts

    Welcome to the site!!! If you go through the site on the For Sale/Wanted section it might take a minute but there are ALOT of parts for sale on this here. The site does not get as nearly as much traffic as back in the day, so you have to dig! You should be able to find what you want. Also you are a new member wanting stock parts on a limited run truck for a clone, this could take a min. Good Luck!!
  10. SuperStock

    Shopping for an SS and need some opinions.

    Welcome to the site, and congrats on trying to purchase one of the best GM trucks ever built! What year do you want (03-06/Intimidator), 2wd or AWD, also color. I assume all stock. This all has a factor on the price. They are definitely out there and I have seen a few nice ones on Craigslist with around 20k-40k mileage for decent price. Any updates on the hunt!?
  11. SuperStock

    They got her... Stolen

    OOooohhhhhh Man!!!! I am sorry to hear this! The feeling is horrendous, the police do absolutely nothing.... Do you have any updates!? I got my TBSS stolen, all they recovered after I posted some stuff on Instagram were the license plates in the back of some guys truck in South Gate! Let's hope they can get yours recovered based on the gps data!
  12. SuperStock


    Bilstein HD's are a great upgrade!
  13. SuperStock

    SS parts

    How much for the Front bumper/Mirrors? Is the Rear bumper available as well?
  14. SuperStock

    Thanks for the add!

    Welcome to the site! Do you know if you want AWD or 2WD?