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  1. The key is running a proper tune, you need s TBSS OS in the ECM and yes. You'll be able to run the stock BCM. However. You need a truck TCM OS. And those don't have tapshift capability. Only gear range select.
  2. You will need a complete gen 4 swap with ECM/TCM.
  3. Selling my used Volant air intake with AEM metal tube powder coated black. This unit is in great condition, ready to bolt on! The link below is the ebay ad with photos. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133391720770
  4. Ok, I assume you would not be willing to ship!?!
  5. I can talk to my buddy and see if we can get some more details on this conversion!
  6. I understand that. How many miles on this exhaust?
  7. This is going to be a great new project/daily!! Have Fun, and keep us posted.
  8. I am looking for a Factory Cat-Back Exhaust (03). I am located in Southern CA, I can meet within 500 miles or else I will pay for shipping! Please DM, if I do not respond to this topic. We all know this forum has died....
  9. Do you have all the bumper tabs in?
  10. Welcome to the Site! Damn you are next to my old stomping grounds lol. The 06 ISS is a badass truck. Did you purchase the truck with the mod. Seems like a solid set up for sure, a 4L80 or 6L90 would be a FIRE upgrade.
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