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  1. SuperStock

    SS parts

    How much for the Front bumper/Mirrors? Is the Rear bumper available as well?
  2. SuperStock

    Thanks for the add!

    Welcome to the site! Do you know if you want AWD or 2WD?
  3. SuperStock

    Supporting Member

    Is it giving you an error? What seems to be happening.
  4. SuperStock

    Rear driveshaft

  5. SuperStock

    Some people...

    Man that's UGLY! #SorryNotSorry
  6. SuperStock

    ‘06 Black 2wd SS 80k miles For Sale in So Cal

    Post up some pictures, is it on Craigslist?
  7. SuperStock

    New New Brunswick Canada member

    Welcome! Lots of good information posted on the site, take a dive in. Is this your first SSS? Where did you pick it up at?
  8. SuperStock

    Hello my fellow chevy fans!

    Welcome to the Site! You certainly did not make the wrong purchase my friend! What color is the truck? Take some time to read through the site, there is A LOT of great information here.
  9. SuperStock

    Hello group!

    Welcome to the site! I would recommend you change the oil in the front diff and transfer case to see what kind of debri is in the oil. How many miles on the truck? Depending on how much metal shavings come out would determine the severity of the damage. After replacing the fluid if it still continues to make noise after a few miles than it may be time to plan for a rebuild. Second, to dyno tune a AWD truck would be expensive especially if the truck is all stock. It would be better to spend your money on a basic mail order tune from one of the Vendors on this site.
  10. SuperStock

    Supporting Member

    Site has been Updated! I do like the new features. New Members should have no problem creating a new account.
  11. SuperStock

    Ceramic coated now

    Looks GREAT! Nice to see theses truck in showroom condition.
  12. SuperStock

    New users cannot join

    This is embarrassing how long it is taking to get the new user accounts resolved. JESUS its just and update.....
  13. SuperStock

    Rear sway bar

    Haha that's how thst S**t happens. I had the Addco but when I swapped in the 14 bolt the sway bar hits the pumpkin and U bolts are to small. The guy I spoke with at Hotchkis said he would call me Monday/Tuesday with more accurate information on what is available and what he can do for us.
  14. SuperStock

    Rear sway bar

    I think we should start a List to see who wants the Hotchkis Sway Bars. It may take a few months to get 20 people. But looks like we may have 3-5 orders here now. I'm down for a set. Just called Hotchkis, they would need 25 Front OR Rear Bar orders before they will make a run! I think a List should be started!!!
  15. SuperStock

    New Bow tie

    Congrats on the new Truck! How many miles did the SSS have upon trade in!?!