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  1. I am looking for a Factory Cat-Back Exhaust (03). I am located in Southern CA, I can meet within 500 miles or else I will pay for shipping! Please DM, if I do not respond to this topic. We all know this forum has died....
  2. Do you have all the bumper tabs in?
  3. Welcome to the Site! Damn you are next to my old stomping grounds lol. The 06 ISS is a badass truck. Did you purchase the truck with the mod. Seems like a solid set up for sure, a 4L80 or 6L90 would be a FIRE upgrade.
  4. Yes, I know a guy with a 6l80 swap but he has a turbo.... so those extra 2 gears get it moving.
  5. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/d/loma-linda-2004-chevrolet-silverado-ss/7006537458.html I have no affiliation with this ad!
  6. Awesome to hear that you were able to replace the truck! This sounds like MINT SSS (Good FInd).
  7. Selling a used set of Dynatech SuperMaxx 1 3/4 Long Tube Headers with the catted Y!! No damage, they are in great used condition These will work with the AWD trucks! Willing to ship, buyer will pay for packing and shipping. Price $700 Dynatech SuperMAXX Headers #715-84110 Dynatech SuperMAXX Y-Pipe #715-84220
  8. Photobucket suspended all 3rd party usage across all platforms everywhere.
  9. IMO, the 14 bolt should of came in the awd trucks to start with, with the weight and power the 14 bolt will be able to handle anything. I do not know your power level or if any future upgrades. For the price and since you are working on the rear it would be a bulletproof set up. On the 05-06 trucks they had the 14 bolt but with drum brakes...
  10. It's a good time to 14 bolt swap!!! is this close to you!? This is perfect bc it has disc brakes. You will just need to change the gears to 4.10 14 Bolt Rear: https://swmi.craigslist.org/pts/d/riverside-gm-14-bolt-rear-axle-lug/6932356810.html Gears https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/hartland-gm-14-bolt-410-gears/6957605995.html
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