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  1. Snow demands real tires. 285/55-20 BFG All Terrain T/A KO
  2. After selling my SS back in May, not having a good handling powerful truck was driving me nuts. Thankfully I was able to get my SD just before the current GM troubles. '08 w/ AWD, NAV, roof, block heater and 20s. Ja, ja, crappy photo I know. Better coming soon in the daylight!
  3. The knock after the shift could be several things such as - VE too bumpy/lean in that area Too much timing at high boost, low rpm Exhaust/headers banging Torque management Wideband, wideband, wideband - look into upgrading your setup so you can log the wideband data along with your scanning software.
  4. It's been many moons since I did a relearn on my SS - fuzzy memory says the fuel cut off automatically at about 4k rpm during the relearn procedure. One doesn't need to floor it, just give it a good amount of throttle to briskly bring the rpms up and let off as soon as the rpms cut out. Another fuzzy memory thing - The engine coolant has to be up to temp. Park brake on? (really fuzzy) EFILive walks through all that so I didn't need to remember...
  5. Great price for an awesome truck. The GM mod bug is worse than model airplanes and R/C cars...just try to resist; I dare you.
  6. You'll have to pry the SS from my cold dead hands. And since they don't depreciate much, it'll be a while yet before I buy red and blue versions to finish off the SS collection.
  7. Hit a set of nasty rough railroad tracks today and it caused the rear tailpipe section to slide off the Corsa muffler. The result is a very different sound - the same tone but it's much more "under" the bed than shooting out the RH side of the truck. WOT never sounded so cool. Even without the tailpipe, there still wasn't any in-cab resonance. A turn down and a little better support at the rear of the Corsa muffler would be a cool mod for driver enjoyment.
  8. Rescaling the MAF is necessary for accuracy's sake, especially with a blower. The wideband is used to dial in the VE in speed density mode. Then renable the MAF and calibrate the MAF. With those things done, what you put for an A:F at WOT will be what is delivered.
  9. If your e-fans aren't keeping it cool, are you still running the stock tune? If so, get the PCM reprogrammed to kick the fans on at a lower temp like 195 instead of the 220+ stocker.
  10. Yes, changing the MAF table will affect the fuel trims. When in PE mode, the PCM will use the MAF for fueling. To accurately dial in your tune (VE, MAF & PE), you should get a wideband O2 sensor. It's the best $300 performance investment you can make.
  11. Hold still so I can eat you...
  12. Haven't heard of too many people in love the GT II. For my SS, I'm in the same boat as you now and have been debating between General Grabber UHP or BFG KDW 2 in something like a 295/50, 295/45, 285/50 or 275/45.
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