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  1. I went with the 317 route back when I got my heads done, nearly 9yrs ago. They are stage III, TEA. I don't remember much else being available when I was tinkering with my truck. Flow numbers were pretty awesome. Not sure if you wanted to spend money on that much work. You guys making the recs for using 91 done any logging to check your KR? Just curious. I know my truck only likes 93, but overall setups may be different.
  2. Do you think this will cause issues with your next emissions test? I know MD makes you do it every year.
  3. All I do with my truck is tow and I have a 2600 stall and it acts nearly like stock. Not the same I know, but should be pretty close. Manners may be slightly different with your motor setup vs mine. I use a B&M cooler.
  4. Almost sounds like your driveshaft has a wobble or the angle is off a little.
  5. Dave...what's going on? I was wondering if you were still around. Still have the truck? I think you are right. It was BSER.
  6. Hmmm...the BenKey cam...that would have been one member that used to have that in their sig. Made the custom roll pan for the truck. Can't remember his name off the top of my head. Lives in OK.
  7. Thanks. Hopefully I didn't steer you wrong? How are your headers holding out? Mine are doing pretty good. I remember being the guinea pig for using them on an AWD. Thanks. My last Memorial Day on active duty. Never thought 29+yrs would go by this fast. Just to give an idea, what is the size of the factory belt? My belt is not factory size due to some modifications.
  8. http://www.SilveradoSS.com/forums/topic/6247-modification-info/?p=104050 Post #13
  9. Hey all! It has been quite a few years that I made it to these parts and glad to see that the site still thrives and at least some of the people I remember are still around. Really surprised that you all let that Zippy-dude stay here I still have my truck and it is still in its heavily modified state and has been running pretty good. It still has less than 40k miles on it and only use it now to pull my boat to the Potomac river on weekends or if I need to haul something. My wallet would not support me using it to drive to work in Washington DC traffic. Luckily I have a car that was le
  10. Glad to see you guys are keeping this idea going. I'll be joining again.
  11. Been around. I have stopped in a time here and there, but nowhere close to how I used to. Getting ready to head overseas for a year.
  12. To get mine off I used just a regular valve spring compressor from NAPA - cost about $7. It's just a small prybar. To put the new ones on I used one of the compressors that clamp onto the spring with a turn handle at the top. Very easy to use. Tbryne used to sell a quality one. The downside of those type is if you don't get a good one they will piss you off. Great tip with the pen magnets. Use them to pull out the locks just when you release tension off of them. I also used the magnets to help me guide them back in place when I was putting the springs back in. I also used the TDC meth
  13. Sure, anything for the military - 15%.
  14. http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/xcart/p...=262&page=1
  15. Selling the gauge kit I bought for my truck. The factory seal has been cut but nothing inside the box has been removed. Asking $300 shipped. This unit sells for $399 in most places. Again, it has never been used. PM me if you are interested. Will take paypal. Yes, I still have my truck. Just figured if I have gone 3yrs with the 410 and haven't needed this, I'm not going to. I no longer have a power addiction for my truck.
  16. Good to see a few of the old guys are still around I have not been on in a long time. Getting ready to head overseas for a year next month and have had a lot going on to get prepared for that. That along with all of the personal crap going on in my life I haven't exactly been the most talkative person in real life, much less on a forum. Matt - you know I love ya, bro!
  17. That really sucks and sorry to hear. Glad that everyone got out safely.
  18. Okay, can't tell from the pics or looked back on what you have going on....is that a 65 or 80?
  19. Never had that problem with mine.
  20. I will not down on the plug and play pieces because I haven't seen them. If it is a pigtail to change over to the new style connector, depending on the length I would probably still rather do the splicing. Excessive bunches of wiring caused by long connector crossover pieces would just crowd the area in an already crowded wiring area. Mainly on the driver's side - maybe not so bad on the passenger side. Just something to think about considering whatever the cost is. Also, you can change everything out for less than $25 splicing in yourself.
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