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  1. Sae parts has them for $300-something... Just wanting to see if someone has one cheaper if not I will buy new. Sae Parts $287 OEM
  2. Let me know what you have, preferably black!
  3. JoseV

    Dash SS

    maybe this will work for you! http://m.ebay.com/itm/290909181085?nav=SEARCH
  4. Tell him to go to the dealer where I bought mine, they have sss's for sale every week! I beleive they have a red one now, last month they sold a black one lol
  5. Looking for a TSP220,let me know what you have.
  6. I passed you on I-40 on a Sierra Denali 5 miles before Gallup NM, just wondering if its anyone here.
  7. stopped smoking 3 days ago, I think this is the hardest thing I have ever done!

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    2. ThatTallCanadian


      Read the book "the easy way to stop smoking" by allen carr. ive been off easy for 6-8 months. lost track of count lol.


    3. JoseV


      Im feeling better today, cravings have decreased and only last for a minute or so.. I can live with that... thanks a bunch guys!

    4. dkkustoms


      Good for you man!

  8. just got my christmas bonus.. how should I spend it? decisions decisions! Its all for the truck ofcourse.

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    2. ballincustoms


      Lol when you ordering?

    3. JoseV


      As soon as you tell me when the party is so I can have it here in time.. lol

    4. ballincustoms


      Its going to be a while lol like maybe a month

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
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