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  1. VHOSilverado

    Help Me Pick My Mufflers

    Magnaflow is the Best man. I have that on my 06 VortecMaxx and like the deep sound of it, it's great.
  2. VHOSilverado

    Got Zippy Tune (truck Wont Recognize)

    Hey Zippy I got a 2006 Silverado 5.3L with the 4L60E tranny i would like to put a shift kit to it. What brand would you recommend or if you sell the kit how much is that run for?
  3. VHOSilverado

    Shift Kit For 4l60e Tranny

    Cool Thanks man apreciate it...
  4. VHOSilverado

    Shift Kit For 4l60e Tranny

    Is TRANSGO shift kit good? I need some suggestions Thanks...
  5. VHOSilverado

    Change Drum Brakes Into Disc Brakes

    My 06 Silverado comes with the REAR drum brakes NEED step by step installation guide on how to install a rear DISC BRAKES. Thanks a bunch
  6. i need some suggestions for a personalized plates it has to be only 6 characters. Im in ALASKA i know other states are 7 but i guese thats just how it is anyway pls help me find a good one thanks....
  7. VHOSilverado

    Finally Got A Camera

    Would this fit on a 2006 Silverado 5.3?
  8. Any suggestions of which of this two i should get
  9. does anyone out there know the size of the door speaker of the 2002 silverado standard cab short box
  10. VHOSilverado

    Suspension Need Advice

    ok thanks. i will try that
  11. VHOSilverado

    Suspension Need Advice

    No i dont have a C-Notch on it.
  12. VHOSilverado

    Suspension Need Advice

    I have an 06 Silverado with a 4" front drop and 6" rear drop. Need advice on what should I do with it coz everytime i hit a bumps my Rear end hits really hard feels like no shocks in thier.