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  1. oh btw, u need to follow brian and clean that thing (under hood wise) lol. ur intake mani is dirrtyyyyy my cars gonna get a 6.0 and i have another truck now too
  2. don do the bullets. they sound like shit. and as far as cats, buy to 3" ones online and hollow them out. i hated my pacesetters but they were cheap and did an ok job.
  3. looks great buddy. dont be like zach and go BOOM lol. 100 shot or 75? and i hope ur not on that gay ass corn startch still haha
  4. I make ppl come to my house to buy and sell unless its a big item. My glock is always on my hip when they come over and if the person looks shady I make sure it is visible since I live out of city limits. Even when the guy who bought my truck came I had it since he came from San Antonio and had it ready while he year drive just to b safe. A friend of mine wasn't carrying one night and had a guy come meet him at his house in a nice neighborhood and the guy tool him to look in his truck at what was suppose to b a 42" tv. The guy drew a pistol on him and demanded the money. Luckily he was no
  5. They're fun cars. Heavy but fun. Tranny is good but the suspension SUCKS BALLS. I was going to do the same thing but bought my ws6 because it doesnt have the problems the goats have. They're nice cars don't get me wring but a few ppl on here have seen catastrophic failure with the factory suspension on a completely stock car. If u can get a deal on one go for it but be prepared to spend 6-800 on suspension right away. Oh and this is also a traction whore and they are known to have MAJOR wheel hop.
  6. if u have autocal or hp i believe the tunes will load. and ask zach about his tunes. charlie has his truck running low 12's on his procharger setup. i had a live tune from charlie on the truck and loved it.
  7. i have one back home but wont be there for 3 weeks. it has my singe pod that i fiberglassed but i can break it apart if u dont get one by then,
  8. hey dan i guess jons dong was buring from using regular gas as lube. had to switch over to the softer stuff!!! and no i dont want my stock rearend to grenade. im not even sure whats it in. it has 4:10s but havent really looked to see what rearend it has. gotta get my longtubes and y pipe on first.
  9. whatever brad. i never called ANY NAMES!!! and if hes gonna do heads why the FVCK would he want cheap ass springs? and where are u paying 300 for a fuel pump? stock pumps are garbage. do what you want with your money cfresh. ive learned from my mistakes on taking short cuts and using cheap parts or not the upgrades that were needed when adding power. my truck made great power with a small cam and still ran a mid 13 on a factory stall.
  10. he said he wants to do heads as well. y not run the double springs? look at the V3, its a high lift cam. so therefore y not take the precautions to adding a better fuel pump? why does everyone want to cheap out when spending the extra 300 bucks saves you from a headache? i mean come on guys, all of you have built trucks and want so much horsepower so whats wrong with taking it to the next level. Brian, DAN was the one who initially told me NOT to run the 918s and to spend the extra green on better springs. so cfresh, if ur gonna do heads and cam, spend th
  11. DO NOT RUN 918's. spend the extra money on PAC or PRC 320s. thats what i ran and they were amazing/ the 918s break very easily and since they are softer than the double springs they have been known to float/. 8.1s are 42 or 44 lbs so thats plenty of fuel but ur gonna need a walbro 255 or aeromotive 340. also beef the crap out of ur tranny, actually get it BUILT. end of story
  12. have a set myself for the TA but they arent wide enough. i have 295's in the garage and NEED 315's. side note. CRAPPY ASS BEER!!!! PBR is the ghetto beer lol
  13. that has a completely different hood though ray, it has that little catch guard at the back of the cowl that lets air in. u have the same hood as the guy im guessing but it only COOLS the motor, not forcing any air into the intake as i know ur aware of.
  14. i carry my glock 23 on my hip or slightly behind it and its PERFECT for the glock. ill see if i can snag a pic with it on tomorrow im 6" 190 so its not much different
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