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  2. i was at the track in gainesville florida about a year ago and the was a blue ss there. i believe it was awd and it had nitrous. he was running pretty good times. i think 12's but im not sure. wonder if he is on here too?
  3. hey my name is eric and i am from lake city florida. i recently got a 2007 classic v max. ex cab 2wd, and its black. i have been a member here for a while but not active. now that i have a truck relevent to the site i plan on being here more. the truck came with boyd codington timeless six wheels, 17 in front 18 in back. but i put some 20 inch mb gunners on there. i will try and get pictures soon.
  4. yeah bs all the way, im goin to cop school and we are told to call for back up as soon as we start to chase someone, around here anyway, by the way my county just got hemi chargers and tahoes, wich one do i want ?? hmm.....
  5. as far as i know you will need a stronger fuel pump, the wiring harness, a computer and motor mounts, there will probably be some small stuff as well like a radiator and ect... i did a swap on my truck its a 4.3 silverado but i put another 4.3 in it so its plug and play, if your truck is automatic u can use the stock trans, but you may want to get it beefed up a little. if u have a manual like me, i dont recomend using it as the nv 3500 is a piece of shit lol i went through 2 and mine is goin out again( my 4.3 isnt stock) double check i could be wrong, im sure someone smarter than me will have more info but i am a master ase gm tech, just not the best
  6. Hey everyone, my name is Eric and i live in north florida (lake city) i am buying an ss as soon as my truck is payed off, do the ss trucks have any quirks or weak links like the other silverados, does it have the same rear end and G-80? thanks
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