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  1. Welcome back! I have not heard of DualPolymer Waterless Car Wash I might have to try it out. I still wear the 1st and 2nd design T SHIRTS at least once a week!
  2. Sorry I do not but I do plan on making more vids soon. Thanks
  3. I'm running the 3inch Carven TR with LT, no cats, Off road Y pipe, all 3 inch pipe. I think Carven makes great mufflers and exhaust kits. vid
  4. Congrats and welcome to the site!
  5. Man! I can't believe that I have been driving my SS for 9 years!

    1. Downeast Johnny

      Downeast Johnny

      8 great years for me. I've put about 50K on her. (She had 45K on when I got her)

    2. Muggs


      7 1/2 years for me and still loving it :)

  6. Congrats! and thanks for the freebie!
  7. I run the 421Q these tire perform very well! I think the 421Q perform better than the 420s. The 421Q perform very well in the rain!
  8. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/89850-looking-for-husbands-old-ss/?do=findComment&comment=997175
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