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  1. Wow! in Tomball I know exactly what Wal mart you are talking about. I live pretty close to there. Well I'm you got her back in one piece!
  2. Congrats on SS! welcome to the site
  3. Damn! sorry to hear that. Which side of Houston was she stolen from?
  4. My SS has the full carbon fiber trim, steering wheel, all the doors, dash, center console. its definitely was a nice option.
  5. Yes! it was close I had some ramps ready just in case it got worse. My neighbor put his Silverado on ramps. I'm glad our trucks made it though all that rain(flooding) A lot of people weren't so lucky.
  6. its so devastating right now in Houston! my grandparents lost there house due to the flooding! i have so many friends that lost they home and had to be rescued by boat! i have no words! HOUSTON STRONG! I am fine just so much going on. i will be back with a update. Thank you y'all!
  7. Hiding the SS in a safe spot from Hurricane Harvey! Pray for TX!

    1. Downeast Johnny

      Downeast Johnny

      I hope that you and all folks down there, (And your SSS) are OK. Stay safe Brother.

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