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  1. Also still here. I check a few times a week for knowledge and see if anything new.
  2. I found nothing good to clean the center caps. I used normal wheel cleaner and car soap. Eventually mine were so bad I purchased replacements but after 100k miles and NE winters, I was expecting this to happen. Good luck.
  3. I thought there was a service bulletin about this. http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f53/2004-silverado-fuel-gauge-issue-115899/ Not sure if this will help.
  4. Sorry no part #. I went on Amazon and looked for a projector light that was small and would fit a h3 hid bulb. Since I already have a h3 hid kit from diode dynamics. The seller I used is Anzio, 1 Pair Front Projector Glass Lens Bumper Fog Light Lamp w/ 55W 2400LM H3 Halogen Bulb + Mounting Bracket Kit. Was 21.99 but I think its 21.44 and free shipping currently. Took awhile to get and not the best packaging. Again these r cheap and I did modify the plastic backing on the light to seal better and cut a bit to fit the hid bulb better with a dremel. Once I got the brackets set and position for the lights. I bought some rustoleum gray hammered paint. I put a bunch of light coats. Note there is a bunch of sellers on amazon with these cheap lights. I figure if they break I can easily replace and cheap. Can also do a amazon search of h3 projector fog lights. They do get hot.
  5. Truck looks modified in some way. Something about the exhaust doesn’t look right and there are some installed switches by the button for the bed light. Even with low mileage it’s still a 12 year old truck, price seems high. Best of luck.
  6. I believe that GM is going to continue production of the current model trucks in Oshawa. Calling them Legacy models. While making the new 2019 trucks in Frint and Fort Wayne. I am on the fence for this new truck. Need to see up close and in person.
  7. I originally had projector fog lights from winjet installed in the ducts. Had HIDs in them. They were the yellow tint to the lens. Wanted something for bad weather. Made brackets, bought factory switch, ran wire to fuse box. All worked good, but the lens are junk. Barely had any light output. So I eventually tossed the lights and brackets, since everything rusted up. Left the HID kit and switch in. I liked the look of the TBSS fog lights so decided to make my own. Purchased a cheap set of projector fog lights that used the same builb size as my HID. $20. Bought some aluminum from Home Depot. Found the spot I liked in the lower grill to install them. After a couple of tries of fitment. I removed lower grill, I then removed the tow hooks, that was like 10 lbs. and had to make custom brackets. Made sure to paint everything. And yes I put the lower grill under the knife. But after finished. Light output is great, and to me looks factory installed. Note pics do not reflect the lights on. Its the flash.
  8. FYI, this looks like it can be easily put into production, as a SS version. Come on GM and do it. Been too long for a replacement to the Silverado SS. https://www.conceptcarz.com/z27907/Chevrolet-Silverado-Performance-SEMA-Concept.asps http://www.chevrolet.com/sema. Scroll towards bottom I think there is YouTube vids of the truck too.
  9. I have those tail lights on my truck. Stock ones were peeling inside the lens. If the eBay ones are CCFL with LED. They r bright. The ones I got were from spyder. I find the look like the new GMC trucks. Only concern I had is that it seems moisture could get on sides and top of lens. I sealed up with some clear silicon. I would post pics but having issue do to pic file size.
  10. I am on my third time of this happening to me. I'll give your solution a try to hold the handle up when closing. But the plastic on both the rod clips and bezel seem deteriorate over time. Only once was I able to get the bezel off without breaking the top bezel clips. The rod clips are cheap to buy online and also the bezel. would be great if there was a permanent fix.
  11. I hope we see a new Silverado SS or maybe call it Cheyenne SS? Would be nice to see another GM sport truck come out soon. http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f22/gm-files-trademark-application-cheyenne-265281/
  12. Check out post#10, 11 and 12 for pics. I used an apex catch can, http://www.apex-speed.com, there is also elite 2 catch can. http://eliteengineeringusa.com/installinstructions.html Look at the driver side valve cover towards fire wall and u will see the line that holds pcv to the top of air intake. Once removed you see how to best route new lines, to keep items from rubbing and used zip ties when necessary. Just take your time and test fit by putting side engine cover on to be sure you like the fit.
  13. http://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2015/oct/1021-redline.html FYI to share. The Silverado looks pretty good. And a few upgrades. Not just cosmetics.
  14. I hope there is a future SS on the horizon. Tired of seeing these silly special editions which is nothing but a bunch of stripes and badges. Just pull off current parts bin. Brembo brakes. MRC suspension, recaro seats. Then add in some carbon fiber items to make the truck lighter. Would be great to see a pickup run the Nurburgring and post a time. Or just use the Cheyenne concept they had a few years ago to start building an SS truck.
  15. I have had similar issues. Maf, tb replaced. Idle is so low that it seems like truck is on verge of stalling.
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