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  1. It will send %100 to the rear for as long as it can before it fries. OP, vicious coupling is toast. Time for rebuild or replace.
  2. Should be the same. NVG (new venture gear) NV (new venture) NP (new process) are all different names and acronyms for the same company.
  3. Welcome! Pretty sure I've seen that truck around once. Have fun!
  4. different heads too, and intake manifolds, and reluctor wheels... Probably missing some other stuff too.
  5. Sounds like you still have cats. Looks like you're having fun with it.
  6. I don't think you'll reach 10s with either a boosted 4.3 or a NA 6.0. Now a boosted 6.0.... Yeah
  7. Same here. Not around as much as I used to be. Congrats!
  8. You will be left... Wanting. Unless you have a good DA where you are. That cam has good duration, but could use some lift. Not a "baby cam" by any means though. I'm running something similar on the duration side in my 408 and also ran it in my 6.0. Curious to see what your numbers are. It'll really like to run up top. I'm guessing peak hp at 6500. Do you have a track local to you? When I had similar mods I was wishing I had a 3600 stall. Although another member with similar mods found his 3200 was perfect near sea level.
  9. Welcome from Alberta. Lots of SS trucks over here. 4 in the small town next to me (population 2000).
  10. Sounds like a good daily to me. Should run good. I'm suprised the PI took a dump on you in the 408. I'm running a PI in my 408 but I got the anti balloon plate so hopefully I won't see that problem.
  11. It's not that simple with AWD. There is a complete write up on this in the "how to" section.
  12. exactly, no point unless you're running high CR or a ton of boost.
  13. Anytime you mod it, you need a tune or retune. As far as emissions goes, im sure there's a way to pass.
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