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  1. AKSSS


    Eddie, it has been gone a while. Derrick and I were looking for it a while back. ONly list left is on the facebook page I believe.
  2. What’s the cost again? I think I am game for a set.
  3. Can you refresh my memory. I am looking to put a spoiler on my truck. What spoiler do your brackets fit again?
  4. Welcome! Lots of good info on this site. Kinda slow lately but if you search hard enough ever answer you could want on these trucks is probably on here.
  5. Good price for a great kit. Exact setup I am running, even same nozzles. Good for big power! Might want to get a few posts in so that guys know who you are. No offense, I won't buy from someone who gets on here and their first post is to sell something.. GLWS!
  6. Does this truck ever get driven? Lol
  7. There isn't much to update. I have the motor out to check it out and make sure it did ok after leaning on it. Everything looked pretty good except for my trunnion bearings. So I am upgrading my rockers and reassembling the motor. Still haven't gotten the front coilovers on either. I have been working on little bugs or cleaning things up here and there. I am currently changing all my vacuum lines over to synflex line instead of the fugly rubber lines that go everywhere. Other than that. The truck is the same. Just a weak ass high 10 sec truck. Lol!
  8. There was a bunch of the Original SSS owners here on the board that were into have toppers on their trucks. I remember a blue one in particular that looked pretty good all lowered down.
  9. Very nice! I can get a low 1.6 60' if I leave on low boost(4-6psi), but i suffer my 1/4 times. If I leave on a little more boost (8-10psi) it spins hard and leaves with a 1.8 60' but gets high 10's. I need to figure out some better tractions. Tires and front coil over setup!
  10. I ran the old dm-v1's on my SSS when I was driving it in the winter. They do pretty good! Great tire as long as you don't drive them very long when it gets warm. They burn off quite quickly.
  11. Very nice times! Decent 60' too! Are you spinning off the line or does it flat hook?
  12. I missed this. I don't get on here near enough any more. I guess I will find out next spring. Just dropping my 22's off will drop a considerable amount of rotating mass. Between getting drag radials on all 4 tires and dropping the big wheels I am expecting is good for close to 3/10's if not more. I will let you know on the front end kit. I am not even going to touch the truck until after the first of the year. I have to pull the motor back out. It is making some metal in the oil. I am guessing mains. I talked to the machine shop about it and they had no idea. After I looked through the machine shop bill I didn't see anything about line honing the mains after installing the arp studs. Nope, they didn't do it. I asked them. So I am expecting to see some worn mains. I am hoping it didn't get my crank.
  13. I would really expect to see your truck in the low 10's if not high 9 if you can get it to hook off the line. That has been my biggest battle. I have decided screw it. Going to go with some 17" race stars and some M&H dr's. I am taking off my Baer brakes to do it since they won't clear anything smaller than 18", but the traction is worth it. Also I am throwing the front coilovers on over the winter. That will help also.
  14. You can build a 12sec setup pretty cost effective.
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