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  1. I never replaced it on my old truck but on my friends 06 I believe and I replaced it twice, about a year apart
  2. there are harnesses you can buy for the fans, which i would recommend. I built a fan harness once, major pain in the ass. Link for a harness theres not really a downside to running a 160* t stat.
  3. right behind the gas tank
  4. I didn't have to drop the tank, maybe we're talking about different parts lol
  5. Could've been much worse, consider yourself lucky it was just a gasket
  6. I believe this is the part I used http://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-214-2149-Professional-Canister-Solenoid/dp/B001KSCSQU
  7. The hose connected to the stock canister is a hard plastic tube. I connected a soft rubber hose to the new canister.
  8. It's connected to your gas tank, there's an $15 AC Delco part number floating around somewhere that you can replace it with. 30 min to change it, Google the cel code.
  9. Hey guys, I'm planning on getting a truck in the next week but ive already started my plan of attack on modding it. It wont be an SS but I figured you guys would like this project anyways. Ive had an idea for a Smartphone/bluetooth controlled electric cutout. Ive already ordered my components for this to work i think. -Arduino Uno R3 -Bluetooth transceiver HC-06 -Breadboard -L293D motor drive shield -Voltage regulator -old e-cutout from my old truck I'll update this thread when I start tinkering with this stuff. Opinions, ideas, throw em in here!
  10. Thanks guys for all the compliments, I'm considering moving here but that's a big commitment, but better to take chances when you're young I guess. I never got a vette instead I got an 07 335i that I've had some fun with but I think I'm gonna get back into a truck before this summer.
  11. Here's the piano I built in the last 3 weeks http://imgur.com/a/NUWd1
  12. Hey guys, a few of the older guys will probably remember me, I haven't been ignoring you guys at all, my life kinda took a 180 in the past couple years. First and foremost if you PM me I absolutely will answe, no question. But I have been quite absent. Long story short, I took a job in Michigan, found a girl who was living in New York city and after a year and a half decided to try my luck in the city. So the first day literally an hour after I got into town i got a text asking me to be at a theatre Asap and for those who don't know I'm a Carpenter mainly specializing in theatre scenery. So I took that job for a few days and then they didn't need anyone so I started looking again and found a shop looking for a Carpenter for New Yorks fashion week so I thought, yea I can do that. So I applied and the same day I went in for an interview and got a job for about 3 weeks with decent pay and amazing overtime pay. So I've been in the city for about 3 and a half months and have had good luck with work and if anyone is coming to NY in the next few weeks and is planning on seeing An American in Paris, I actually built the prop piano for that production. Which I'm very proud of, after only being here about 2 and a half months.
  13. Glad to hear! I actually do still have my pillar gauge pod. It's pretty much permanently attached to my pillar though lol those things are def not meant to come off. Ill get a pic for you
  14. Don't think I want to sell without the bottle, bottles are hard to sell by themselves.
  15. I assume the 03 & 04 connections are the same, but I'm not a radio guy. It still has the harness for my truck on it though.
  16. Truck is now gone! i need all this gone too! prices do not include shipping but i will make a deal for all you guys! just pm or post if interested Custom NX Nitrous Bottle - $300 Arrival Blue dash - $75 Panasonic flip up single din radio (no nav) - $150 have a NX SAFE system brand new, never used - $350 http://www.nitrousexpress.com/15003-safe-stand-alone-fuel-enrichment-system-external-pump-5-12psi-adjustable-regulator-gasoline.html
  17. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/77664-bm-console-shifter/ Not sure if what you're looking for is in there but if you have any questions feel free to pm me. I'm busy with work alot so pm would be best to contact me.
  18. Major discount if you want the radio, 150 shipped
  19. bump, nitrous & muffler still available! PS muffler has dent in it but it doesnt affect performance or sound at all
  20. They weigh over 6k lbs where we weigh around 5k usually. Thats alot of weight to make for that i dont think their 6.2 does very well. they probably move for being such a huge truck though. and id use the term "off road" with the raptor very lightly lol http://www.autoblog.com/2011/07/21/svt-boss-goes-on-record-about-ford-raptor-frame-damage-claims-w/
  21. I can do 600 shipped. I'm very motivated to get this stuff out of my house lol
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