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  1. I never replaced it on my old truck but on my friends 06 I believe and I replaced it twice, about a year apart
  2. there are harnesses you can buy for the fans, which i would recommend. I built a fan harness once, major pain in the ass. Link for a harness theres not really a downside to running a 160* t stat.
  3. right behind the gas tank
  4. I didn't have to drop the tank, maybe we're talking about different parts lol
  5. Could've been much worse, consider yourself lucky it was just a gasket
  6. I believe this is the part I used http://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-214-2149-Professional-Canister-Solenoid/dp/B001KSCSQU
  7. The hose connected to the stock canister is a hard plastic tube. I connected a soft rubber hose to the new canister.
  8. It's connected to your gas tank, there's an $15 AC Delco part number floating around somewhere that you can replace it with. 30 min to change it, Google the cel code.
  9. Hey guys, I'm planning on getting a truck in the next week but ive already started my plan of attack on modding it. It wont be an SS but I figured you guys would like this project anyways. Ive had an idea for a Smartphone/bluetooth controlled electric cutout. Ive already ordered my components for this to work i think. -Arduino Uno R3 -Bluetooth transceiver HC-06 -Breadboard -L293D motor drive shield -Voltage regulator -old e-cutout from my old truck I'll update this thread when I start tinkering with this stuff. Opinions, ideas, throw em in here!
  10. Thanks guys for all the compliments, I'm considering moving here but that's a big commitment, but better to take chances when you're young I guess. I never got a vette instead I got an 07 335i that I've had some fun with but I think I'm gonna get back into a truck before this summer.
  11. Here's the piano I built in the last 3 weeks http://imgur.com/a/NUWd1
  12. Hey guys, a few of the older guys will probably remember me, I haven't been ignoring you guys at all, my life kinda took a 180 in the past couple years. First and foremost if you PM me I absolutely will answe, no question. But I have been quite absent. Long story short, I took a job in Michigan, found a girl who was living in New York city and after a year and a half decided to try my luck in the city. So the first day literally an hour after I got into town i got a text asking me to be at a theatre Asap and for those who don't know I'm a Carpenter mainly specializing in theatre scenery. So I took that job for a few days and then they didn't need anyone so I started looking again and found a shop looking for a Carpenter for New Yorks fashion week so I thought, yea I can do that. So I applied and the same day I went in for an interview and got a job for about 3 weeks with decent pay and amazing overtime pay. So I've been in the city for about 3 and a half months and have had good luck with work and if anyone is coming to NY in the next few weeks and is planning on seeing An American in Paris, I actually built the prop piano for that production. Which I'm very proud of, after only being here about 2 and a half months.
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