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  1. Probably because 9mm ammo is so cheap right now. I love my xds .45.
  2. Where's the Vette Jeff?! My DD's are '97 Saab 9000 Aero and '04 3/4 ton Suburban.
  3. I got 2 years and 10k miles on Timken hub assemblies... throw em on. When mine went bad it was more of a clicking noise with random clunks. I'm in VT. Where in NE are you?
  4. 2005 F7 Sno-Pro. Gotta wait for hunting season to end for trails to open.
  5. I paid $2500 for my used Lvl 7 with Circle D TC...if that gives ya an idea...
  6. Well guys I am officially out for the track day. I might be able to meet up for the cruise. Capt. didnt approve my leave for Saturday. I probably wouldnt have run the truck anyway since I havent been able to figure out my "lean" issue, but it would've been nice to see everyone. What time do you guys usually head out for the "cruise?"
  7. My buddy just put a set on his Sierra. He likes em. 55k mileage warranty. Paid $680 out the door...not bad I suppose.
  8. I'm pulling the intake this weekend to check the gaskets... With Jim's new tranny I think he will beat me...I was just barely beating him last year when he was "limping" it! (So he says!!!) Mark: you get some tires that'll hook?!
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