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  1. yes, thats usually what happens to exposed metal.
  2. Sold my truck so the sts turbo kit is for sale, might consider shipping but would prefer local sale, heres the add http://anchorage.craigslist.org/pts/1678418977.html I was told it could go up to 10 or 11 lbs of boost, on a stock motor? Sts told me this turbo could do 500-600hp, but on a big block or v10 could do much better. I dont know much more about this kit, would trade for equal value dodge diesel performance parts( i know slim chance on this site) but cash is king.
  3. yet another rig with those fender vents, i hope his arent stick ons?
  4. with the 26 inch rims, im guessing he is an Obama voter, so im wondering why the drug dealer didnt paint it maroon?
  5. mine looks close to your truck, cyriusmuscle, but i think my rear is lower? Mine also rubs the inner fender wells,mostly in reverse, but im gonna pull my inner fender wells and do some reconfiguration on the inner fenders, and i think with this size tire, 4.56s would better suit this torque lacking motor?
  6. hmm, a quad cab hemi smoked my ss up to 55 mph by a truck lenght and was pulling on me, im gonna blame it on my cats, I wont even comment what a tuned cummins will do against this taco wagon.
  7. Paint them, thats what the factory does, so thats what i did, but I painted mine white with single stage.
  8. is the t70 for these small blocks or is it for the v10s or big blocks?
  9. Well with the taller tires and cut front bump stops i have about 100% improvement in handling, the ride is still about the same, maybe better? But i think im still on stock shocks. IF i have to buy new front bump stops, its not the end of the world. Im not racist, i hate all equally, especially since im a bit of eveything.
  10. well i did hack 1/2 of my front bump stops off since there were touching, and i think it sits lower in the front but its hard to tell with the taller tires. White rims are the shizz, i think i might have started a new trend, step aside black rockstars. White is the new black.
  11. well heck bigcountry, you were close, the measure at just above 32 inches, i mounted and balanced them my self and is the best mod i have done yet, they slightly rub turning in reverse, but nothing i cant live with, So i am told i have at least 2 inches drop, ill post pics soon and see what you guys think. New edit, the side wall height increase is what these trucks needs, stock or lowered, I always thaught this truck looked like a cheap azz can tried to lower it with just tires, but go figure they were stock size tires. Its kinda like when someone puts 35 inch tires on a stock truck,
  12. These trucks are worse than diesel trucks to keep up and running happy, i have never had to take a truck to the dealer ship to fix until i got my taco wagon ss. Yes all the problems brought up are for real, cats, trans, t-case, maf,injectors, piston knock etc, i also got power steering leaks at 40k miles and other issues, i havent delt with the front axle issue but im gonna check out the front end, maybe thats why my truck wont stay on the road?, probably not?
  13. 116k miles on any vehicle is a boat load, you get what you pay for.
  14. My buddy says i have a front spindle drop, thats all i really know. But since my tires where shot, i was gonna replace them and then have an alignment shop check out the suspension, my rims are being coated and and i have either, stock size(275/55r20s or 275/60r20s) to replace with. So thats what im goin wiht right now. No way is a 275/60r20 a 33 inch tire, this is the stock dodge 1500 tire size, i got 33s on my other truck and these are much smaller.
  15. Any good paint shop can do that to your factory lights.
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