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  1. Is this gone? I need one ASAP. My main shaft went out and took this with it.
  2. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/cto/d/bay-2005-silverado-ss/7014490546.html
  3. I've never seen something that is so hard to buy in my life...found one on eBay the other day but it was sold the next morning before I could order it. See 3 other people selling this and 2 won't respond and one said "make an offer" then got butt hurt because I didn't offer enough. If you are selling a part JUST SAY HOW MUCH YOU WANT FOR IT. Saying "Make an offer" is an **** move to see if I offer more than you are asking...I will never toss out a high number to start. I guess I will just order the whole kit and sell what I don't need...THIS IS STUPID!
  4. I'm looking for the cladding that goes on the passenger door. I only need the piece that is attached to the door itself.
  5. What parts of the body cladding are you selling together? I need the passenger door piece but will buy it all if I have to. Also what does the drivers seat look like?
  6. ss454327

    new pb

    The 80e is what helps him launch better than you. First gear in the 80 is higher than the 60 so he can build more boost off the line for a softer, yet faster, launch. You aint winnin if you're spinnin.
  7. My cousins said the 6.2 trucks will get in the 13s with just a tune. He Dyno tuned one of his customers (crew cab 4x4 6.2) recently and took it to the track. In 4wd on stock tires it ran 14.00. In 2wd with some DRs it ran 13.71. That is with NOTHING but a tune. Another customer of his has LTs, full exhaust, CAI and a tune and ran 13.26 on shorter DRs.
  8. First off I would get those crapmasters off there ASAP. They do not flow worth a crap. As for what muffler I would run the Hooker Maxflows or the dual in/out Magnaflow you already looked at. You will gain power and lose a lot of that drone. The Maxflows have actually been said to be too quiet on a lot of peoples rides. Mine is dumped and still isn't crazy loud.
  9. What are the limits on modification to remain in that class? This is very cool and you have me interested!
  10. My neighbor has a BBC he would probably swap for a 6.0. The only specs I know are that it's a 496 with Canfield aluminum heads and is supposed to be 750 fwhp on pump gas.
  11. I'm going to go ahead and sell my TCI SSF stall and move into a Circle D 4 or 5c in my S10 before I finish putting it together. It is slightly tighter than a typical SSF because the original owner wanted it to match better with his cam and N2O setup but retain the anti ballooning plate. It flashes to about 3300 and drives like stock. I don't have any pics because it's currently installed in the 4l60 in my s10 but I will pull it if it sells or when I get a chance. $350 shipped in the CONUS. I also have a 1999 z28 roller with a BMR kmember and ZR1 wheels I'm selling and I have various other Fbody parts too. I didn't post it here because I didn't know how many Fbody guys would be here. Price on the roller is not set in stone... http://ls1tech.com/forums/vehicle-classifieds/1479697-1999-z28-roller-zr1-wheels-misc-parts.html
  12. That is not what should be expected out of a MP112. Maybe if you slap it on and call it a day. My cousin ran 12.8s in his '03 SS with just an MP112, 42lb injectors and his own custom tuning. He then sold the truck and the guy grenaded the transmission, then the motor and had a shop build a forged motor and put in a donkey D cam (24x/24x) and turned up the boost and ran...13.01. HAHAHAHA! My cousin owns a speed shop and told him over and over not to go with a cam that big but the engine builder he went with said it would work fine...
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